Nackt und high – Episode 3 der schwul-lesbischen Serie von funk

. Hello, Gerald? You have a new family for me? No, Gerald, no! Here is terrible, really! Irina, the mother, never
let me alone! And everyone so awkward. Tomorrow the grandma come and everybody
say the grandma awkward … … so the awkwards think
the grandma awkward. We have to lie for the grandma! No, I can’t do it any longer,
everybody’s crazy here! Mum! Mum, she’s here, behind the counter. Do you want another drink? The beer look good! ‘The beer looks good.’ What? In English we say ‘The beer looks
good.’ I said that! No. Ximena, how old are you? Fifteen. – One year to go for a beer.
– … but we’re not that strict here – I said ‘no’, Lara! Man, don’t be such a Nazi. Are you alright, grandma? Yes. It’s his death-day and you’re
fighting with each other. I’m not fighting, she does. Dad doesn’t care any longer about
us sitting here. I don’t need beer. But I do. Grandma! Can we do you any good? Do you need
a pillow for your back? I desire a decent atmosphere
in my old bar … … but that’s too much to wish for,
isn’t it? Well, I’m with you, grandma. I don’t know why we can’t establish
that, does anybody? Gosh, Leo. Relax a bit. ‘Relax.’ Yes. Okay, so I should run away and
kick it for a year. Is that your suggestion for me? Exactly, maybe you should do so. Go to Thailand … … a meditation retreat … … together with your boy friend– Alright, I’ll take a look at the dessert. Enjoy your meal! A new family? Great, great, great! And when? Super. Can you call Irina tomorrow? Today isn’t– Super. Oh, thank you, thank you, I’m so glad! I wanna have a new family as well. Come on! No! Yeah, come with me! Good Lord, what’s happening here, Lara? Leo, Leo … What is this? They distil booze. Is that alcohol? Yeah, that’s alcohol! Are you sure? If you wanna drink, drink. If you wanna have a new family,
get a new one. And if you wanna run away for a year,
run away. Hey! Easy, Ximena. Good Lord! How do you know you want women,
not men? You’re lesbian in case of your forefinger
being shorter than your ringfinger. What? Come on, take care. If your elbow means you prefer guys and
your ringfinger … … that you prefer girls, I’m here,
approximately, for instance. You’re here? Your dress is beautiful. Yeah? Wanna have it? Yes! Sorry!