Nandemonaiya & Sparkle – Kimi no Na wa. (Acoustic Guitar)【Tabs】

Original songs by RADWIMPS The wind that passed between us Where did it bring this sadness from? The sky we looked up crying was kind of awfully clear Usually harsh words of my father felt somehow warm today Not knowing how to be kind or smile or talk about dreams I had to imitate you all Just a little longer Just a little longer after this Just a little more is enough Just a little longer A little longer after this Can we keep holding each other for just a little longer? We are time flyers! We are climbing up time! Don’t wanna be lost in its hide-and-seek You cry when you’re happy, and you laugh when you’re sad Because your heart overtook you This world still wants to tame me, it seems If that’s what it is, I will strive with grace Let us kiss while we watch each other’s hourglasses And meet at the far-most place from ‘goodbye’ The time finally came. the past is just pre-preface You can skip read, cause “I” start here Experience, knowledge and mold growing bravery Let me dive into you at unparalleled speed In a slumber in a lukewarm cola, I dreamt of somewhere not here Outside the classroom windows In the morning carried by the train Even the way you loved, it had your scent Even the way you walked, it sounded like your laughter Before the day you disappear from this world It’s my duty rather than my right to burn all of you into my eyes Let us fall in love at the place where Words like fate or future are far beyond reach Clock hands move as they cast a glance at us Such is the world we shall live, live through all chapters of life!