Native Americans Review Music Festival Fashion

– You have no idea how many times like somebody walk, “Oh my goodnesss, my great-grandma
was a Cherokee princess.” – By the way, we didn’t have princesses. (rock music) – I’m actually a big music festival fan. – I’ve never been to
Coachella or anything like it. Ooh. – Okay, well there he is in his headdress. – Jared, why? Oh my god. I was fully prepared to marry this man. – It’s just kind of so unnecessary. – I don’t know why he has to wear that. – This is not what it’s for. – I will teach you everything
you need to know, Jared baby. You just give me a call. – [Voiceover] Ooh. – [Voiceover] What the heck is this? – This looks like a little
girl playing dress up. – She went all out. Hers is is really trying here. – It’s like five different
cultures going on. – We’ve got these little do-dad things that look like belly dancing. Then we have bead work, which looks like Native American. Then we got the Carnival feathers. Pow-wows are not the Renaissance fair. You don’t just go and show
up and dressed up like that. – She has no idea what she’s representing. – So many people are going to be like, “Whoa, like that’s awesome. “I want that style.” Without kind of really
knowing what it’s about. – Oh no! – Holy sh**! – I would, what is, why? This is like dollar store regalia. – If you’re going to
appropriate my imagery, like do a better job. – Yeah, at least do it well. – This is like the worst Halloween costume in the Halloween store. – If you go to a pow wow, and someone is wearing a
headdress that means something. Every single feather on
there has been blessed. Every single bead has
been meticulously placed. There are symbols on there that
have deep spiritual meaning. – It’s like the drunk moms at a five year old’s birthday party. – That’s what they are. – It was a joke to her, and for us to have fought
for hundreds of years to maintain that identity, and then just to make us a joke like this, it’s hurtful. – Oh my god. – Oh wow. (laughing) – That’s just inappropriate. – I’m very certain this guy’s loin cloth didn’t need to be that long. – It looks like you lost a beg. – It looks like a faulty apron. – Yeah, his Converse does
not match his loin cloth. – You can afford to get a better costume. – The pictures that I’ve seen are why I don’t go to
these music festivals. – We’ve become sort of mythologized, and we’re actually people. – You’re not dressing up
like a 16th century prince. This is still very real to us. – It just makes you feel exodusized. – Not realizing how an
image, like a headdress, can continue to keep an
entire race of people down. – If you have interest in our culture, feel free to ask. I’ll be more than happy to share. – Try to get to know the culture, before just using what
you think looks pretty. – That the way that it makes us feel when we see our spirituality being mocked. It doesn’t feel good. (rock music)