NEW! – WITH INSTRUCTION. YOGA CHALLENGE for Hips 1 – Collection. Iyengar Yoga with Lin and Leo.

Welcome to ‘Yoga with Lin and Leo’. Today
we’re coming into the led practice basing the practice on hip work. If you
find some of the actions difficult, then do go to our Pose Directory and have a
look at the instructions. Sit on your mat for Arkarna Dhanurasana. If you’re coming
into the classic action, catch your toes if you come into a modified version, (if)
there’s stiffness in the hips, then come into a supine action. You can see here in
the video that Leo is giving you that option. If you’re coming into the classic
action then draw that leg back, toe towards the ear. This may be challenging
to start with. Come to the other side. Pull on that leg and reach back with the
foot. Look forward, chest up, breathe and releasing the leg down. Keep the chest
lifted, adjust your legs. Keeping upright with the spine as you come back into
Dandasana. Preparing for our next pose Janu Sirsasana. If you find it difficult
to sit straight, then sit on a slightly higher support. Bending your right leg,
reaching your right arm up, extend forward, catch either to the outer shin
or to the outer foot bone. If you’re coming into a modified version then
come into the twisting action as Leo’s demonstrating here in the video. Otherwise coming to the full action. Lengthen the side waist, extend through
the ribs and be sure that the abdomen is drawing towards your spine. Keep the
straight leg grounded and strong. Extend into your heel bringing your toes
towards you. Of course if this is difficult you can also modify with a belt
around the foot. Coming back into Dandasana, bending your left leg this
time. Coming into the Janu Sirsasana, half Baddha Konasana action. Reach up with
your left arm, extend forward reach the whole of the side waist along your thigh.
Catch hold of the feet and extend forward. If you’re modifying the action
then stay with a twisted action at the moment. Do go into the Pose Directory to see
some of the deeper instructions on this pose. Go on lengthening and breathing;
smooth inhalation and smooth exhalation. Lift up, chest up, sit up. Ground down with
your thighs, keeping the chest lifted. Ardha Baddha Padma Paschimottanasana. It’s a quite a challenging action, this is a half Padmasana action. The Janu Sirsasana action needs to be coming quite well to be coming into this
action. Be sure that you have the mobility in your hips to be able to
bring that foot bone right up onto the thigh. Ultimately, the ankle towards the
crease. Reach forward. As you can see here Leo is modifying the action by placing
her outer shin bone onto a support. So you can come into the halfway action
whilst the hips are starting to become more mobile. More standing poses, more
lateral outward rotations! Extending up and releasing. Extend into Dandasana. We
come to the other side, either to Janu Sirsasana or Ardha Badha Padma Paschimottanasana, taking the ankle right up into that lower waist area. Lift up,
extend forward catching the foot. So if you’re modifying the action then make
sure you’ve got plenty of support underneath that shin. Be high,
so that the spine is still elevated and lifted. You can walk your hands beside
your leg if you find this very challenging. The main thing is in this
action is never to push. Just keep on with the Janu Sirsasana action
and all the standing poses and this will come. Extend into the legs. Roll your
shoulders back and down. Keep lifted. So we come into Marichyasana Two. So Marichyasana Two is a forward bend action. Very strong on the legs. Coming into the Padmasana action. One leg Padmasana, one leg Marichyasana.
Reaching forward and extending the arm around the back. Holding onto either the
fingers or the wrists. The modified version of this is to come into a Baddha
Konasana action and Marichyasana action. As you can see here Leo is coming into this
action. For the forward action, it’s a very strong action. With practice the whole
pose becomes more compact. So see that you don’t fall forward but you keep the
action going back with the abdomen, so there’s stability in the sacral area. Straighten the legs, sitting up, coming into Marichyasana Two on the other side
Padmasana action or a Baddha Konasana action. Taking your arm around the front
shin and catching. Drawing your abdomen strongly back and releasing forward. So
those of you who are flexible, try not to fall forward. Keep that grounded element
in the action. Keep the abdomen to the spine. Keep the broadness in the abdomen. Soft
inhalation, soft exhalation. Coming up out of the pose, straightening the legs. Extending the legs forward, lifting up. So here we come now for Eka Pada Sirsasana, (Foot around the Head Pose), a strong action. Again be mindful that if your body isn’t ready,
just go to the stages. As you can see here, Leo’s pulling back with the
thigh and just coming into this action to limber her hips. If you’re able to,
come into the full action. Just be patient and gradually take that leg around the
back of the head towards the shoulder side. Once you’ve got the action be sure
you’re grounding down with your straight leg and extending with your lifted leg. This is a very challenging action so don’t push this pose. It will come
eventually once the hips become a little freer. Come into the preparation action. It may be that the foot, the lower leg is not coming behind the head yet, but just
work at that edge and try to release with every stage that you come to. Hands
eventually coming to a prayer position in front. Keep that straight leg absolutely
grounded, abdomen to spine, and then releasing out of the action. Back to
Dandasana. Thank you for joining us today with our led practice.