New York City’s Last Accordion Repairman

(accordion music) – Ah, I’m tell you, I feel
sorry if I have to retire. You know why? I have so many customers that say, “Alex, you never retire.” I say, “No, one day I’ll
have to retire, no?” (accordion music) (Greek style accordion music) My name is Alex Carozza and I fix accordions
since 1960 in New York. The people comes from all over the world to fix the accordion cause they say that I’m the best, I don’t know. (chuckles) This sometime breaks, you have to change. Very difficult. I’m the only one in New York that fix accordions in this moment, you know? See, I fix the accordion
and I lose the customer because I fix the accordion correctly. (laughs) Honest. I have this one for example, take a look. This is a very old accordion. Ooh. At least this accordion is 75 years old. – [Interviewer] How old are you? – Ha, if I tell you, you won’t believe it. I’m 88. You believe it? I swear. How old is him? If I tell you 93 you won’t believe it. We working together 60 years. Since 1949. (laughs) – Like yesterday, yeah? – Yeah, looks like yesterday right? (accordion music) You gotta understand,
an instrument is like a some part of your life. You care for the instrument
more than anything else. I love this more than anything else. It’s not the money sometimes in life. If you are healthy and
happy, money doesn’t count. This is what I believe. Maybe I’m wrong but, now you have all my secrets (chuckling). It’s good. (accordion music) Just like that. (laughs) Okay.