NickGamer | How To Make The Best Nick Band | Nick

NICK GAMER: Hey, guys, Nick
Gamer her, and this new game is “Music to My Ears.” I’m gonna show you
how to create tons of songs in Nick Music Maker. So get ready to jam out and
achieve pitch perfection. It’s time to drum up
our very own band. [LAUGHS] Band humor. NICK GAMER: To start,
choose from up to eight different characters. Each of these musicians can
play four different types of instruments, drums,
strings, rhythm, and wind- no, this wind. Let’s start our song
by picking a drummer. Try dropping everyone in to
see what they sound like. I’m digging Patrick’s belly
bongos, so let’s go with him. He’s all ears. Or is it no ears? And since SpongeBob and
Pat march to the same beat, let’s have him drum too. Next, add a guitar from
the string section. [GUITAR PLAYS] Goat’s the best
guitarist she knows. So let’s use her. Now that we have
a steady beat, we need a little bit of attitude. Mikey loves to
shred, so let’s have him play the electric guitar. Radical, dude. Then, we’ll put Timmy Turner on
the cosmic keyboard and Donny on the sousaphone. [SOUSAPHONE PLAYS] Ooh, that’s fun to say,
SOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-SA-PHONE. Next up is the vocal. Tomika from School of
Rock’s a natural choice. She’ll be perfect. (SINGING) Na na na
na na na na na na– NICK GAMER: Finally, let’s add
a snappy solo from Harvey Beaks. By dropping him onto
the yellow music note, you’ll be able to
customize his solo using an instrument or vocals. Depending on where you
place it in the grid, the pitch will be high or low. Play around with
this until you have the sound you’re looking for. Now let’s check out our
musical masterpiece. [BAND PLAYS] It’s– [GASPS] –beautiful. And just like that, we
have our very own band. Now, it’s time to
go make your own. You can even share
it with your friends. Until next time,
game over and out.