Nissan Spain pioneering exoskeleton project for production lines

We are here in Nissan Barcelona where
we assemble the parts of the cars. There are some work stations where
the operator needs to work with their hands in an
overhead position. This can result in stress of the muscles, and we are in charge of finding
solutions to improve this condition. In Spain we have the Catalunya Automotive
Cluster which is composed of a group of companies working together to improve the
current conditions of the industry. They have a project to introduce the
exoskeletons to the automotive industry and we saw the chance to gather
with them to collaborate. The exoskeletons help us to reduce the
muscular efforts during certain operations. This results in less fatigue for the operator. The first time I put on the
exoskeleton it was a strange sensation, but as I carried on working it felt more and
more practical to have my arms supported. There are various models, but I found
one that was the most practical, and in the end the most comfortable to work with. After the trials we found that with
the use of the device, we can reduce up to 60% of muscular effort. At Nissan we have a lot of new technologies
that are used in our cars, so we want to also use new
technologies for our employees. We have been trying these new
technologies with very good results.