Omar Sosa: When I’m sad, this instrument makes me happy! | Piano | Yamaha Music

Music is my life. Music is my dream. Music is peace. Music is love, music is unity, music is all together. Music is everything man. And when I’m sad, this instrument makes me happy. Home, home is here now. Because tomorrow, I’m gonna be in another place. I need to live today. If I think about what is going to happen tomorrow, I lose the opportunity to live what I have in front of myself. Create an energy around you. To make the space like it is your space. I love when I travel, to go out and
I try to absorb the tradition, the culture. I love to walk in the city. I go with the flow. Basically I try to live my life with as less stress as possible. I have a mission. And the mission I have is try to deliver in the best way I can, what my ancestors and my spirit of life and elders try to tell me. And a lot of that comes from African traditions. I mediate a little bit before the concert. I try to be as peaceful as I can. And I try to be as clean as I can inside of myself, to try to reproduce what’s gonna come to me. And I try to be together with the band, because for me the fundamental thing is listen to each other. And before the concert, we hold our hands, just to share our energy. Why? – Because we play together. Sometimes, when I play concerts, solo, when I finish the piece, I say well, but yesterday at home, the piece I played yesterday, wow, was really cool but it was already gone. So as well, this is one of the beauties of improvised music… it’s there, and it’s passed.