Open ‘C’ Tuning – Guitar Lesson✅✅🎵

Bobby crispy this video is part of a guitar lesson series, so this [one’s] about open C tuning Now first of all I’ll show how to turn the guitar from Standard tuning To open C. Tuning, okay? [there’s] only four strings that you have to change so the third string G and the first string e stay the same so start off with the second string and Bring it up to see the way to do that. Let’s play the third string fifth fret the second string open and Bring it up The second string tune it up until it’s the same Okay, so now the second string went from B to C then you go to the fourth string and Tune it the same as the second string Okay, so you’re dropping the fourth ring down from D to C. So you tune in to the second string? and now the fifth string becomes a g so you turn it to the Third string G until the same, so you’re dropping in the fifth string down one tone From a to g to the fifth and third strings the same [and] Now the sixth string drop it down from E to [C] So you tune the sixth string to the fourth string? Now guitar is in C tuning, okay? [now] you can have fun with the open [C] tuning first of all of course off strings open C [bar] ball at the first fret and the 3rd fret fifth seventh Play around that combine them with open open tuning We need to play the bottom string fret the bottom string – and play all the rest of those over first fret first string Third string Third fret fifth fret seven threat eight Well mixed up I you Okay although you can also fret [this] turns that fourth string fifth fret picot fourth fret second open into the fifth string third fret second open The top string third fret [let’s] get a little bent It also be harmonics at the fifth fret seventh fret [Twelfth] fret There’s little two strings at the fifth fret slide up for a little bit of a blue sound and then to the middle two strands third fret And also what’s cool when having to open tuning use the capo so yet the sixth fret do the same things Okay, that’s a lesson and don’t forget to retune your guitar otherwise stairway to Heaven will stomach Sir, okay, [I] hope you have fun with open seat tuning And also you want to check out my car would say 450 videos [box] Guitar lessons Yolo [Sitcom] hey, thanks for watching