Open Enrollment 2010: What’s new with your 2011 benefits?

Hello. Open enrollment is the annual
opportunity to change your University of Michigan benefit choices, and it will be held
October 25 through November 5. You will make your benefits elections online. Any changes you make during Open Enrollment will
take effect on January 1, 2011. There are some key changes
that you need to know about. To reduce printing and mailing costs, the Benefits Office will not mail Open
Enrollment information to employees this year. Instead, information will be sent by email. Plan details, rates, and an online
Open Enrollment book are available on the Benefits Office website. I am going to share information on benefits
changes that go into effect on January 1, including additional vision and
hearing benefits in some medical plans, enrollment limits for the Priority Health
plan, one prescription drug co-pay change, a new Flexible Spending Account administrator, and the impact of health
insurance reform on benefits. First of all, I want you to
know that if you are satisfied with the plan you currently
have, you can stick with it. You don’t have to do anything to
keep the same plan in 2011. Now, let’s talk about the
changes for 2011, starting with additional benefits
added to several of the medical plans. Annual vision exams will be added to the medical
coverage in the Comprehensive Major Medical, Priority Health, and the Blue Cross Blue
Shield Community Blue P-P-O medical plans. The U-M Premier Care, GradCare, and Health
Alliance plans already provide this coverage. The Comprehensive Major Medical,
Health Alliance Plan, and Priority Health plans are
adding hearing aid coverage. The U-M Premier Care, GradCare, and Blue Cross
Blue Shield Community Blue P-P-O plans already provide hearing aid coverage. The medical insurance coverage comparison chart on the benefits office website
includes this new coverage information. If you currently have the Priority
Health medical plan you need to know that it will not be offered
at U of M after next year. Current Priority Health plan members may
choose to remain in the plan for 2011, and can continue to enroll
eligible dependents in the plan. But, you will need to select another plan by
this time next year, so start thinking about it, and looking into the other plan options. If you currently are not
enrolled in Priority Health, you cannot choose it during Open Enrollment. In 2011, we will complete the
second part of our two-year transition to the new cost-sharing ratio that
began implementation last year. The 2011 medical
plan rates for most faculty and staff include the cost-sharing adjustment. The way to find your personal medical
plan rate is the same as last year. Just use the 2011 medical plan rate
calculator on the Benefits Office website. The co-pay for non-preferred brand prescription
drugs – referred to as “Tier 3” drugs in our plan – will increase from
$30 to $35 for up to a 34 day supply. Flexible Spending Accounts, or F-S-As, are a
good way to save money on your medical expenses. Details are available at
the benefits office website. This year, there are some changes to Flexible
Spending Accounts that you need to know about when you make your decisions
about your annual election. PayFlex will be the new administrator
of our F-S-As and will handle all F-S-A
claims as of January 1. Due to new federal legislation,
certain over-the-counter – or O-T-C — medicines will require a prescription
to be considered for reimbursement from an F-S-A beginning January 1. Current F-S-A participants will
receive detailed information from PayFlex and the Benefits Office. F-S-A information is also available
on the Benefits Office website. Remember, enrollment in an F-S-A does
not carry over from year to year. You must re-enroll each year if you want to
participate in a Flexible Spending Account. While the University of Michigan’s health plans
already comply with a number of the provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care
Act, we’ll be affected by certain changes. One such change is the extension
of benefits coverage for children. Your children, stepchildren, or the children
of your other qualified adult can be covered by your health benefits up to age
TWENTY SIX if they are not eligible for their own coverage through their employer. You can add eligible children to your
benefits online during Open Enrollment. After Open Enrollment you can complete and
send in a dependent children enrollment form by December 3, 2010. The form will be available from
the Benefits Office website. Benefits coverage is effective January
1, 2011 and continues to the end of the month the child turns 26. You can find the new eligibility
rules for adding children to your coverage on the Benefits Office website. That’s it. Thanks for watching these highlights. Remember, this video is just a
guide to help you get started. You’ll find all the information you need on the Benefits Office Web site
– And be sure to keep an eye on your email for
important messages about Open Enrollment.