Orchid Ensemble – Moshe Denburg Tribute Concert – Promotion in English

Hello, my name’s Lan Tung, the Artistic Director of the Orchid Ensemble. We are celebrating the 70th birthday of Vancouver composer Moshe Denburg with a concert at The Annex Theatre on November 10th at 4 p.m Moshe has contributed tremendously to the world music community in Vancouver. He is passionate about bringing people together with music He has written music for different combinations of musical instruments and musicians from different cultures and he is the founder of Vancouver Intercultural Orchestra. At this concert we’re going to perform a number of works by Moshe Denburg. The Orchid Ensemble has commissioned from him since 2001 and these pieces represent different developmental stage of the ensemble including works written for our curiosity about the Silk Road influences and the connection between Chinese and Jewish people. Also, there’s a piece about Flamenco music and we’re going to collaborate with Vancouver Flamenco dancer Michelle Harding. So you’re going to see Chinese instruments and the flamenco dancing on stage together. And to complete this program. we also will give a world premiere of a new work that dedicated to Moshe Denburg by his nephew Toronto composer Aleshia Denburg. We would like to see you at the Annex Theatre on November 10th at 4 p.m For more information. Please. See our website OrchidEnsemble.com