OrderMate Stories: Paul Peirt – Funky Mexican Cantina

My name’s Paul Piert, I’m the Operations Manager
for Hogs Australia Steakhouse, Hogs Express, Funky Mexican Cantina. Hogs is a family institution in Australia,
and there’s not many places where you can go, where you can have fun, great food and
a great atmosphere – for a great value price. I actually heard about OrderMate… we were
looking for a provider to move forward who met our needs. I like the fact that they’re an Australian-based
company, I like the fact that when you call someone they answer the phone. We did our due diligence and we rang around
people who were using them, and everyone spoke very highly of them. The technology at Order at Table in Funky’s
has helped increase guest delight, I think we appeal to a different demographic who are
technology based. It’s got benefits for the restaurant for profitability. I think the biggest thing for us as a restaurant
business is that the interaction with guests is important, and the interaction with the
menu is there, they go at their pace, they order what they want, and it’s proved now
that they order significantly more when left to their own devices, then when they are waited
on by a server and we need to cater for that, so it’s certainly given us a huge lift in
terms of what we’re doing going forward.