Orphans – Coldplay Guitar Lesson / Tutorial (Link to TAB in comments)

hi it’s Tom the riff of the day for
today is orphans by Coldplay the song only came out yesterday there was a
music video which got released today and I’m using the strumming pattern that
Chris Martin uses in the video so the acoustic strumming pattern which sounds
great I’ve got pieces of paper here that I’m
reading from because I haven’t had really chance to prepare very much in
the video today I’m going to play through the main acoustic strumming riff
then I’ll do a quick tutorial and after that I’ll do a more basic strumming
pattern which would be great for beginners and then that’s pretty much it
like the video comment subscribe if you enjoy it and here it is you okay so on to the main tutorial part
first of all I have a capo on the fifth fret I have four different chord shapes
I have a C major seven well a C’s major seven slash D and I’m
using my middle finger so for this one I’m using my middle finger my ring
finger and my pinky I have an open e chord
I then go into an a at 9:00 so for this one here it’s kind of like I’m making a
with it without the Kappa there’d be like a D major so I’m bar in the 10th
fret and making a major shape here but instead of holding down this bar I’m
actually lifting it up so on the E and B strings I’m playing them open and then the final call which is also
the trickiest cord I’m using my middle finger ring finger and pinky when I
played through the riff I did the strumming pattern there but when
Chrisman’s playing it and when you play it yourself you should not just her lock
in that strumming pattern and just try to play it robotically through it in
fact when I played it because I was under such a rush of pressure I may have
actually not actually paid it exactly the way that I wrote it and that’s fine
if you’re doing that yourself as well yeah I think you just need to work
through or get the chord shapes try to get them nice and clean all the way
through so that chord progressions played all the way through the song
except for just before the chorus where there is an an F minor
where there’s a bar on the second fret and then afterwards it sounds to my ears
like an F – seven and on this one here when I’m strumming
it I’m strumming down to my pinky you know further and that’s pretty much it now for the more basic version with open
chords we have a G major C major and E minor the strumming pattern is a two-bar
strumming pattern so the strumming patterns are same for bars one and two
as it is for bars three and four and that’s down down down down up down up
down down down up down down down down up down
up down down down up before the chorus those chords change and there’s an a
minor and then to my ears what sounds like an A – seven and I would just do single strums for
them so I hope you found that useful this is the first time for me that I’ve
had to do something so on the fly I haven’t done it perfectly but I’ve done
my best and hopefully that’s helpful for you subscribe if you want more content
like this that’s it