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If God did not give us one sense among 5, than our other senses got exceptional and with strong sense a weakness becomes his/power and if you believe in yourself than darkness changes into a light Blind female singing a song (aye jazba e dil gar main chahon) and a blind man playing a harmonium (musical instrument) A poet Allama Iqbal saying ” take yourself to the height to a certain level so that God ask you to tell your wish Same is a story of Syed Furrukh who born blind he was so poor but he fought with circumstances at the age of 17 i started to teach music, braille teaching and handicrafts to the students and also started my study along with this and did matriculation A man who was blind he started to sing song in beautiful voice I Got Bachelor degree and also expert to play 13 musical instruments playing Bansuri (musical instrument) A blind Playing musical instrument Chandani Raatain Syed Furrukh not only did a great job for himself but also provide a wounder services to the blind peoples he did a wonderful job for the betterment of Blind people If you like this story please Subscribe and share now I thought that we should do work for neglected and blind person He started an academy to give music education to blind person he produces many great singer like him singing a song (menda ishaq v tu menda yar v tu) Syed furrukh did not stop his services to the music academy He also started a hostel for blind people to live to other cities for job he provide free residence, food and also a technical center to educate the blinds My wife prepare food for blind poor living in my hostel neglected blind people who dont have any resources to learn and live now earning their money Its only a Furrukh who bring my life from darkness to ligh (a Student of Furrukh ) I can repair chair and other things (another student of Syed Furrukh) My student also played in Pakistan blind cricket team although Syed Furrukh was a blind but he spread light in the life of other blind people please subscribe now if you like this