People Play Their Childhood Instruments

– Oops. (“Eine Kleine Nachtmusik”
by Warner/Chappell) – It has been about 13 years, since I’ve even seen or touched an oboe. – I haven’t played the clarinet
since the eighth grade, so that’s like. – I think I played in like seventh grade. – Two lightyears ago. – I have not played the trombone since about halfway through my
senior year of high school. – I hope my piano teacher
doesn’t see this video ’cause she’s not gonna be happy with me. (“Fur Elise” by Beethoven) – Hello, Mr. Violin. – It looks smaller than I remember. – Still smells like the ’70s. – I just made a mess, but. – Forgot that I liked this taste. – Taste just like candy. (“Symphony Number Five
in C Minor” by Beethoven) – So I guess I’m supposed to play this. – So I’m already looking at this and I’ve forgotten every single note. – Again, I haven’t
played this in 13 years. – I’m so nervous. – I wanna say this starts on an A. – Is an A even a note? (single note) – Whoa. Oh my God, my mind is blown. Nostalgia bomb. – Ah, what is it? – I don’t (beep) know what I’m doing. – I’m trying to find the second note. Do, do, do. – Wow. – I actually feel a tad bit emotional. – I was as bad as I am now, as I was then. – I feel like I’m back to
my 10 year old self again. – It brought back a lot of middle school and high school anxiety about not being good at it and
not practicing hard enough. – I think it’s cool that the millions of potentially useless
things you learn as a child, you can still pick up later. – I would like to play
an instrument again. Take up on the ukulele ’cause that’s what tiny chicks
are doing these days, right? And singing about pineapples. – Would I go back? Probably not, but if you gave me an oboe, I wouldn’t be opposed to
whipping it out at parties to, you know, scare people. (“Eine Kleine Nachtmusik”
by Warner/Chappell) – (mumbles) So yeah, I think that I learned a lot.