Pets Play Instruments | TEACH YOUR OLD DOG A NEW TRICK

( music playing ) We’ve asked you guys before
to send us videos of your pets opening Christmas presents,
eating with you, and balancing pizza
on their heads. And this time around,
we asked you to teach your dog – to play a musical instrument.
– Mm-hmm. And you guys hit a high note
and some low notes. Okay, Barbara,
show us what you can do. Show us how talented you are. Oh, that was beautiful! Link:
Hey, girl, hey, girl,
yeah, stretch out. ( music playing ) Maybe she’s more of a singer. ( note plays ) – ( notes play )
– You ready? ( notes play ) Callie. ( playing melody ) ( notes playing ) ( laughs ) Good job, Charlie. ( note plays ) Dong! She got the one note. All right,
our favorite was from Angelina Stevens and her cat playing the piano. Actually,
the theme to our show, GMM. As much as I hate
to admit it,
a cat wins, You guys get
a signed picture of us
and our dogs! Congratulations. Okay, you ready for
the next assignment? We wanna invite you
to teach your dog to do spring cleaning
for you. …and then send us a link
to the video on Facebook and Twitter
with the #OldDogNewTrickGMM. And stick around because
Bella Thorne is here to help us decide
which toys are for pets and which ones
are for babies. You’ve earned yourself
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