Pleasantville Effect For Avid Media Composer

With Avid Media Composer it’s easy to create
the ‘Pleasantville Effect’. Start by editing a clip to the timeline that
contains a color that you would like to isolate. Next, add another video track by right clicking
in this grey area of the timeline. Go ahead and place an exact copy of the same
clip on top of itself. Navigate over to the effects palette within
the project window and find the image category. Within the image category, drag the color
effect icon to the clip on V1 in the timeline. Click on the effects editor button to enter
into effects mode. Within the effects editor, drag the saturation
slider to a value of zero. This will turn the clip on V1 to black and white. Change the location of this monitor icon to
V2. You’ll notice V2 covers the clip on V1. Navigate back over to the effects palette
and find the key category. Drag the SpectraMatte effect onto the clip
on V2. Within the effects editor for the SpectraMatte
effect drag from this small box here to select a color that you would like to remove. In
this case, I’ll select red. Notice how the red color has been removed,
and the black and white clip on V1 now shows through. You may need to adjust these additional controls
if your key isn’t exactly perfect. The last step is to invert the key. Click on this 3D icon to promote the SpectraMatte
effect to a 3D warp effect. Twirl down the disclosure triangle for the
foreground category. Click on the invert key button. Okay, fantastic! that’s all there is to it.
Go ahead and play the final composite. For other great tips like this, or enroll
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