P!nk Reacts To Her First Music Video, That Iconic 2010 Grammys Performance & More | Billboard

– Hey I’m Pink. And today I’m going to be
looking back on some magical moments from my career. My first video. I think this is the
prettiest I’ve ever looked. And will ever look. I think I was 19 when I shot this video? I just started riding motorcycles. I almost crashed 85 times. And I smoked a lot of weed too. And Dave Meyers kept
coming up to me and saying, “Can you wait to smoke that next blunt before the beauty shot?” I was like, “What do you mean?” He’s like, “I really want you to be
able to open your eyes.” I was like, “My eyes are open.” (laughing) Awe.. I was so young. This is my Pink Missundaztood album cover. And that’s my favorite
color hair I’ve ever had. It’s like cotton candy pink, and its like impossible to achieve. I wrote my name backwards on the couch. I remember drawing on that couch. It was a really long time ago. Was that? 19 years ago? That’s crazy town. (gasp) “Stupid girls” I really enjoy making fun of other people. But, I also enjoy making fun of myself. And this was a lot of all of it. It was so much fun. Falling off the car. (laughing) I’m an asshole. Oh, I remember- Remember the line, ♪ What happened to the
dream of a girl president? ♪ ♪ She’s dancing in the
video next to 50 cent. ♪ The rapper in the video was actually– His name was like, Quarter Cent? I’m not kidding. It’s 50’s cousin. At least that’s what he told me. And he calls himself Quarter Cent. Grammy’s 2010. “Glitter in the Air.” I got to get all the important people wet. I can’t believe they let me do that. They let me do a song
that wasn’t a single, they let me do– that no one ever heard before, they let me fly 100 feet in the air. With no harness. With water. It was so much fun. I remember being so nervous. To walk in this white gown, and I couldn’t walk in a straight line. I’m pretty sure in the first
verse I almost fell over twice. (laughing) That was awesome. And LL Cool J looked at my butt. But so did Rihanna. It was a good butt. ♪ We’ll come clean. ♪ ♪ Just give me a reason– ♪ Do you know what’s so funny? Okay, this is “Just Give
Me a Reason”, with Nate. I remember being the fitting and thinking, I was so fat and I didn’t want to wear anything sexy or revealing. And then I remember about 10 years later, I was looking at the plaque on the wall, and I saw my body and I was like, “Ugh, I was so skinny.” And now I’m looking at this video saying, “God, I was so thin.” And I remember thinking how fat I was. See that’s what women– That’s what we do to ourselves
and we should spot it. And cut it out. And now I’m almost 150 pounds
and I look fucking awesome. I remember feeling really pretty that day. And I don’t often feel– I wouldn’t often use that
word to describe myself. And I remember feeling really
pretty and really grown up. I was women of the year, right? 20.. – [Interviewer] 13 – 13. My parents– I think my parents were there. And Carey. And Carey was actually proud of me and it made me feel really uncomfortable. That was an awesome day. And the Super Bowl. What I think of when I
look at this picture is, another interesting outfit choice and I wanted to die that day. I still can’t believe that
sound came out of my mouth when I opened it. I had the flu. I had planned this Super Bowl experience for my whole family. Cause, the Eagles were
playing and we’re from Philly. And by the time my whole
family came and I was laying on the couch dying with the actual flu. And I couldn’t believe it. But.. And then of course, the one
thing the camera finds– The first place they find me, is me spitting out my
Lozenge onto the grass. I was like, “Well, I tried.” (upbeat music) Awe, memories. (upbeat music)