Producer REAGIERT auf 믿듣맘무 MAMAMOO In Sync [Harmonies + Impromptus]

Rahim: Good morning dear friend of the world’s best show. Rahim: No matter wether it’s about music… (He made a mistake in grammar) Dana: [repeating mistake] Rahim: I can’t talk anymore. It’s after 3 am already, almost 4 am but we’re still going. In a few hours you’re gonna need this video. That’s why we’re recording it right now. My special guest again: Dana Rolle… I woke her up for this. Dana: I was awake already. Rahim: We had another special guest today. There will be another video at 12 am today (German time) where we react to Billie Eilish. We reacted to one of her live perfomances. It was really nice. Although, I gotta say it probably wasn’t really ‘live’ but it was still cool. You can watch that later and then you’ll see who’s the other special guest. But today… we’ll do Mamamoo again. We got a lot of requests for Mamamoo again. Especially because they’re the ‘Vocal Queens’ according to you guys and a lot of other people. Dana: Yeah, we’ve watched a few of their MVs and it wasn’t bad. Rahim: [struggling to find words] Dana: I kinda understated their skills… Rahim: Yeah, you really did. Rahim: The thing is: in MVs and studio production you can tune and edit a lot so you never know… But today it’s about them harmonizing and doing impromptus… which is improvisation, or freestyle. Yeah, I’m curious. Let’s have a listen! Dana: What? What was that? Dana: I don’t believe that that’s real. Rahim: It really does sound surreal. Especially because it’s not just the notes or the pitch which is perfect but the tone of their voices too. It sounds so nice and breazy and they are just using those small mics… They practiced that over and over again so that it sounds perfect. One of them starts messing around and they just harmonize on top of it… Dana: Yeah, and then they start singing songs. Rahim: They really enjoy harmonies. What kind of show is that where they are sitting in a car? Is that a nursery rhyme? They just do this out of a reflex. They even say that they feel obligated to sing a harmony when they hear a song. They are so used to this. See how she’s looking at her and then instantly… Rahim: Do they always sing live? Dana: While sitting in the car… Rahim: Or was that the radio in the beginning? Dana: No. Rahim: Are you sure? Dana: Yeah. Rahim: This sounds dope. This sounds way too good. It can’t be… She’s able to sing really high notes. They are just having fun. Dope, man. Unbelievable. They are so good. Most importantly, they all stop at the same time. Beatbox. Dana: No way. Rahim: What kind of show is that in the car? Freestyle, huh? Rahim: They are so on point. It’s unbelievable. Dana: How do they do that? Rahim: I have no idea. This is so dope! This can’t be. How often and how long do they practice? Wow, they are so well tuned. It’s like one person is singing with multiple voices. Dana: Also, how the voices sound together… Rahim: Yeah, when they start, when they stop, how they sound together… Rahim: They have these warm…beautiful voices… Dana: Their voices are so nice. Dana: And they can manipulate their voices to be either really powerful or really tender and breathy. Rahim: But still warm. It’s really nice. Rahim: This sounded like Marilyn Monroe right here at the end. Dana: I’ve got goosebumbs. Rahim: This was Marilyn Monroe style. This harmony is really beautiful. Cool harmonies they use. This is nuts. Okay, now I know why you’re calling them ‘Vocal Queens’. They always do frestyles. They just love music. What’s that? It’s some kind of game. Yeah, we definitely had goosebumbs while watching this. Unbelievable, what they are able to do… I need to say this again: Fantastic! Someone DMed me this on Instagram. Tysm. Little reminder: you can follow me on Instagram and send me requests as well. I click on a lot of that stuff, Dana too. Link to her account is down below. I hope you learned something. If so please leave sub and don’t forget to ring the bell for your boy. For Dana as well. She’s got a channel as well and every sunday there’s a new video. Go check her out. Other than that I would say, have a nice day and until next time. Dana: Have a nice day! Dana: Oh no, I thought this would rhyme with midnight… Rahim: Go watch our video at noon, reacting to Billie Eilish and with a never before seen special guest. Was really interesting and funny. Bye! Dana: 3, 2, 1 [harmonizing] Rahim: Not bad. Dana: Thanks. Rahim: I meant you….well me too… I just wanted to make a compliment… Subtitles by Thea, @a.c.laske on Instagram