Q & A | Why Do You Use Only Hardware Synths?

Hi I’m Espen Kraft and today we’re gonna
do a little Q&A. I get a lot of questions both through mail, Facebook and
Instagram, and here on YouTube, and one of the most asked questions I get, is this: “Why do you use only hardware synth, samplers and drum
machines? Why don’t you go for VSTs, don’t they sound good enough for you?” My answer
is always the same. Sure VST sound very good, they can sound accurate and I actually use vsts when I do work for clients because I want fast
results for them because they often demand fast results. But for MY music, my own music I go for hardware and basically it’s because I want to write
and make the best music I can, and to make the best music I can I have to be
inspired. I have to feel the creative flow running through my veins. When I sit
in front of a hardware synth and a hardware sequencer and start going
through ideas I’m instantly transported back to my teenage years when I started
out making music on synthesizers and sequencers and that creativity that
wells up inside sitting in front of that hardware synth and that hardware
sequencer or drum machine can never be replicated on VSTs or in front of a
DAW, to ME. When I start making a song or start working on an idea the song is
always at the center of my desire everything else comes second. I want to
make the best song possible and that’s why I have to use hardware synths and
samplers and drum machines to make that happen, but also through the last couple
of years I wanted to go back to making authentic sounding eighties music and to
me I simply cannot do that using only plugins or VST synths. Hardware gear with
those artifacts aliasing hiss noise etc those combined,
adds the texture. I want to be able to say hey this is the authentic 80s sound.
You can’t make authentic 80s sound using only VSTS.
You can come close but with authentic 80s gear I feel that I can get the
closest I can to what I did back then and what became my profession for more
than 20 years. So vsts are fine, I say nothing against those, I use VSTSs myself, just not for my own music, so I use hardware
and old hardware to get my creativity flowing and my inspiration going top
speed. And another question I get asked a lot is this: “Why don’t you have
physical releases of your music like vinyl albums, cassettes, minidiscs, etc CDs?”
I want to make music. I don’t have time to run to the post office
shipping out orders, having to deal with the hassle of returning money if an album hasn’t reached its its buyer etc etc. Iit’s a lot of logistics doing
physical releases and I want to focus on making videos and making music. If my
channel was fully monetized and I could live off YouTube, or my music, then it
would be different. If I could dedicate a portion of every week handling
logistics, handling orders, sending out items etc, then I might do physical
releases. I have nothing against that either it’s just at the moment I don’t
have time to do it. So for the time being I have to stick with digital outputs
only for my music. I hope my answers were satisfying to all of you that were
wondering about what my position would be on those questions. If you have
other questions you want to ask me just write down below in the comment section
and I’ll try to answer them as fast as I can! Oh, one more thing. Next Friday I’m gonna
release this: Yes, that’s my Italo Disco / Synth-pop Sample Pack which I’ve
announced for a couple of months now. It’s almost finished and next Friday I
will release it onto the world. I’m very excited about this release and these
sounds on here, those drums and instruments, MIDI files etc, everything is
on here it’s going to be awesome for your own productions so be sure to check
out my channel next Friday for a demo of what’s inside this pack. So until then
have a good one!