Rainbow Festival Makeup | How TO glitter, and crystals

hi guys and welcome to my channel I am
Yesenia marine with two E’s for those who didn’t know me and in today’s video
I want to show you this rainbow so I went ahead and prepped my eyes with our
RCMA and Tarte shape sorry I had to just jump in this but I’m using the color
saffron from the HUDA Beauty desert dust palette and I just kind of really
started packing on this color blending it out packing it on I did this about
four to five times and really it’s just a repetitive thing packing on a little
bit of color and blending it out with high pigments and colors I like to
really concentrate with a little bit of product cuz you can overdo it so easily
so pack a little bit of color on and blend it out I wanted to deepen the
outer corner with amethyst I know it’s a little bit of a brighter color
I really had a little bit trouble with deepening this but I use the insta pop
brush from Real Techniques and I really like this for high pigment colors like
if I’m really trying to get a concentrated color I did have trouble
with this like pigment I feel like purples and neons are really hard to get
a full pigment on it but I went ahead and cut the crease with tart and a mini
concealer morphe brush and you can use any brush of course this is just I like
it cuz it’s really little and I don’t want to go above my crease I just kind
of want to go almost exactly like my crease and I went ahead and started off
with the purple to pack it on at the very end and I was having trouble with
the pigment again I think it was just the purple from the heat of beauty dust
palette but like I said it’s a bright color so colors like that sometimes
they’re really hard to you know control blend out etc I really
felt like this small detailed brush really helps blending out that purple
then I grabbed being from Jaclyn hill palette and I started with the inner
corner I felt like grabbing the light shades first and blending them out that
way worked so much better than starting off with the dark then I ain’t got
creamsicle from the Jaclyn hill and I’m really just packing on these colors
before really blending anything together and then here I grabbed a little bit
more saffron before I grabbed blazing from the desert
dust palette and I really just like I said I’m placing them on the lid before
I go in with the color that I packed the brush that I packed on the color then
I’ll start smudging it out this really helped with like creating that rainbow
ask kind of vibe you know making everything blend together packing on
little bit of color and blending it out I really liked the gradient effect that
this gave as you can see I don’t know why on this side I was having a little
bit of trouble with the purple of course the side that I’m gonna film on camera
wants to act up what’s new hmm so I just packed on more purple and try to get
like a really dense brush to pack it on then I grab this paint the snow roos NYX
liquid liner works just as well I did this in my last tutorial if you haven’t
seen that one I’ll link it up above but I’m really just I really like using this
method to like cut the crease and like for like high pigmented colors like this
I just feel like it like gives that dramatic look what do you guys think so
then I grabbed my NYX liquid liner and I started off with the outer edges which
is normally something different that I don’t do and it’s because I wanted the
outer edge to be thick but I didn’t want to wing and the reason I wanted it to be
thick is because I wanted to grab the Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy
and stick some glitter where the block was a little bit thicker it just kind of
like in the middle of the eye I know it was weird but I was liking it and I
don’t know why but I did it anyways makeup is creative right so right here
I’m just really grabbing anything that I had at the end and just kind of bringing
it in of course I went and did my foundation off camera and be careful
because it gets your eyeball and there’s all definitely a lot of like lose
pigment anybody have that problem where they still keep the plastic on the
mirror like what girl take it off how long have you been using it anyway it’s
getting back to what we’re actually doing I’m really just jogging anything
that I had on top onto the bottom not so much
all the colors really just the purple and the red kind of smoking it out then
I got blazing on a flat liner brush and kind of brought out my inner corner but
before I did that I realized I wanted to highlight the inner corner with nickey
tutorials glazed donut and like here I’m showing on the other eye I just got that
flat liner and really dragged out the outer corner this gives you the illusion
of the eyes being more awake and you know wide I really like this with bright
looks because I feel like bright looks tend to make the eyes look a little bit
more small closed you know it’s a lot of stuff going on
here I got whispies but of course I did double up since we’re doing dramatic new
lashes and lashes you know the eyeballs and just go ahead and coat the lashes
with mascara I love this to technique to blend any falsies girl what are you
doing oh of course mascara goddamn I do not rub this
literally just almost like flick it off with a dry q-tip and of course Urban
Decay all nighter cuz we go on all night and I want to add and did the mist over
the face first because I want the highlight to be like BAM
and of course I’m using the I’m Rosie highlight I’m obsessed like girl girl
this highlight just just so I went ahead and just grab these two blushes from Mac
they’re peaches and peachy keen and I kind of went where I would normally
contour eye contour it off camera if you like for me to involve every step in the
video just comment down below and let me know I kind of just try to save time but
anywho I just kind of wanted the face to look a little bit rosier since we got
such an intense eye and to intensify the highlight I grabbed Nicki glazed donut
and just lay that on top since we’re gonna put glitter with this method of
the glue I like to grab duo and just kind of dab it on the back of my hand so
it’s kind of tacky already and we don’t get like clumps of glue on our face and
the glitter is ready to be laid on top here I got the NYX glitter brilliance
and I mix crystal and ice and I really just wanted that holographic kind of
look that’s why I love mixing these two kind of like makes it look like part of
my highlight kind of yeah you know extra then I grabbed a Madrid from the Kat Von
D liquid lipstick and why I did this I know cute but I no reason no cute girl
you know how to speak and I just kind of did the outer corners just a little bit
just to intensify the look and cropped whatever I had left on the brush with
the glitter ended the front of my brows with some brow gel then I’m just placing
some Michaels diamonds that I got and just kind of really placing it kind of
randomly I kind of – like look coherent but still at the same time very
different so I kind of like if you look at the face I have it flipped then I got
stripped down from Mac lip liner and Maybelline 9/10 bear all lipstick and
the fenty lip gloss then I grabbed these Nowruz lippy and I just kind of did a
slide down the center of my lip I felt like this was like on trending
queue I love you guys I hope you guys enjoyed this look give it a thumbs up if
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me know what your favorite music festival is to go to or that is the best
I love you guys so much you guys have no idea thank you guys for watching and
stay tuned for my other two looks