Rakrakan Music Festival 2019 – Filipino Coachella

How do you keep Rhian Ramos busy? [intro music] Yeah, what’s up I’m here at the Rakrakan festival I totally messed that up for sure this craziness Over here and I’m pretty sure I just hear my boy Quest on stage. So I’m gonna go check them out They’re gonna head over to Brisom and Rhian. The space is insane. There’s like four or five different stages here What’s up bro! Good to see you man Since when where you guys here? Half an hour ago Reminds me when I was at Coachella. It’s like Filipino Coachella right now like this What’s up guys We’re at the Rakrakan festival Hi, hello! Hey! Red Horse beer One day I wanna be famous Like them too Look at our audience 1,2,3 you count them? Hahaha Do you know Brisom? Are you friends with Brisom? I know Brisom Hahaha We have a surprise guest for everyone We the best music You know that one note when the beginning bro, what? That one note, Brisom! How’d you do that? Brisom!! Hahahaa… Alright guys, that’s it for the festival, see you guys later. Please consider subscribing to my channel, social media. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and with that being said take care, see you on the next vlog, it’s your boy Kuya steele and I’m out of here You You