Hello, dear friends, with you Andrew and right now we will see Dimash and his performance on the song Uptown funk Let’s watch Let’s go Oh, what kind of warm-up is that?) Well, I know this song If it were not for the subtitles, I would have thought that they say the word is not funk, but without the letter N) The song itself is catchy I guess all the analysis will tell I like the way he dances..Good Um, I’m noticing Michael Jackson’s movements Guys, straight to the point Regarding the selection of the composition, it is not suitable Dimash It was probably the jury’s choice This is a break before a strong performance and serious (adagio) I think this is a passing performance and it does not suit Dimash Usual, club music, this is my probably neutral opinion on Dimash’s performances In this composition it would be difficult to perform something in the range of Dimash, it would be out of place Here in rock genre he is good and I think that it is good in jazz and the Blues, the feeling is Recently watched Screaming there everything was perfect here does not fit unfortunately Next, I will Express my first negative opinion to the stylists, how Dimash was dressed, you guys did not get, I did not like how he was dressed, strange, what a hoodie In my opinion, it should have been a t-shirt, shirt, chinos and low shoes, it would be more interesting to submit it I would like to know your opinion on how you perform Dimash, my reaction, a new video on the reaction of adagio will be released on Tuesday Also write comments and your opinion me it will be interesting about this enforcement Subscribe to the channel the Dimash, on my channel, press like, press the bell You crazy asking me to do a reaction to adagio and hello, hello, this is Adele singing the original is very good, I think it will be something Hello is not included in the show in 2017, so we’ll see after all the stages Thanks for watching Good luck to everyone bye