Recommended instruments for Beginner students – PSR-E363 and PSR-E463

Hi everyone, my name is John Corlett
and i’m the Curriculum and Education Manager for Yamaha Music Education. Today, I’d like to introduce you to two Yamaha keyboards, which we recommend for
students in our beginner level courses the Junior Music Course and the Junior
Fundamental Course cover a wide range of subjects in class, but the subject the
students tell us they love the most is playing the keyboard. It’s very important
that the students able to go home and confirm and consolidate the skills and
pieces that they’ve learnt in class. Let’s take a look at these keyboards
which we recommend for students in these courses. Both keyboards feature a 61 note
touch response keyboard with full-size keys Having full size keys is really
important when children are starting out. Having a keyboard with mini keys is not
suitable for young children in their learning. Touch response means that the
performer is able to play with even more musical expression by controlling the
loud and soft tones through their fingers Both instruments offer an amazing
variety of high quality voices or musical sounds. The PSR-E363 packs in
570 voices whilst the PSR-E463 offers an amazing 758 voices The keyboard’s registration memory allows
all the settings on the keyboard to be loaded in by simply pressing one button. The PSR-E363 has nine registration memories which will cover all the pieces in each book of the Junior Music Course and the Junior Fundamental Course. The PSR-E463 has 32 registration memories, which will allow all the four books of the Junior Music Course or the two books of the Junior Fundamental Course to all be loaded in at once from a USB memory stick A process which
takes less than 30 seconds. The exact same registrations will be used in class,
so having a keyboard at home with the same registrations loaded will provide a
seamless musical experience from classroom to home. In the Junior Music
Course and the Junior Fundamental Course students receive a CD every six months
containing orchestral recordings of the pieces that they will be playing. These CD recordings they can listen to at home and, in many cases, play along to. Both instruments have an audio input jack which allows music from a phone or other
musical device to be played through the keyboard speakers. Additionally, the PSR-E463 also is able to play WAV files on the CD, directly from a USB
memory stick, allowing you to operate the keyboard just like a CD player the PSR-E463 also has the ability to
record WAV files to a USB memory stick this allows the students to record their
performances and you can even share it with family and friends. The PSRE-363
has stereo 2.5 watt amplifiers, whilst the PSR-E463 has stereo 6 watt
amplifiers, allowing for a fuller and richer sound. Both the keyboards are
truly portable and can also be operated by battery. Combining the purchase of a
Yamaha musical instrument with Yamaha music lessons will give your child the
great head start in music education that they deserve and assist them in reaching
their full potential. Further Information about the keyboards can be found on the Yamaha Music Australia website and for further information about the music
lessons please visit the website or contact us by email or phone