Red Hot Chili Peppers – John Frusciante – Gear Rundown – Part 3 – Guitars

Welcome to part three of our John Frusciante
series, this one’s about guitars. John Frusciante has been active in the music
industry since 1988. Over this long period of time he has amassed
what seems to be about forty quintillion guitars. Unfortunately in the nineties he wasn’t exactly
sound of mind. This possibly resulted in him being quite
inaccurate about which guitars he actually owned. There are plenty of magazine articles out
there where he contradicts himself as to the makes and models he used. A house fire in 1996 wiped out his vintage
collection of guitars as well as recordings. That’s why creating a definitive list of guitars
he used on certain recordings and albums is virtually impossible. After a month of research we’re calling this
video ten iconic guitars used by John Frusciante. Number ten – A 1986 – 87 Kramer Pacer. This was the only guitar he actually had when
he joined Red Hot Chili Peppers in about 1988. Popular theory states that it’s a Kramer Pacer
Custom 2 because it has the HSS configuration, although what is unusual is the banana shaped
head stock, because by that time Kramer were using the pointy version. Number nine – Number nine, the Ibanez RG760,
covered in stickers and handwriting, this guitar was seen in photographs around 1988
– 89 period of Red Hot Chili Peppers. It’s highly likely that he used it for the
Mother’s Milk studio sessions. Number eight – The Yamaha SG2000, this isn’t
an iconic John Frusciante guitar you type furiously into the comment sections in between
masterbation sessions. Well I’m telling you that it is, he changed
from the Stratorcaster to the Yamaha SG’s in late 2010. He liked the way it felt in his hands, a lot
like a Les Paul, has a similar sound and responds very well. It was an opportunity for him to change his
style. It was used predominantly during his solo
album “Enclosure”. Number seven – At number seven it’s time
for an acoustic guitar, the Taylor 314CE. Apparently all the guitars used on the “By
The Way” album were rented. So John didn’t actually own this, but this
guitar was extensively used on the album. Apparently the idea for using Taylor guitars
as opposed to the Martin guitars supposedly came from Rick Rubin. Our source information on this is Rick Rubin,
by Rick Rubin, written by Rick Rubin. Number six – The 1940s Martin 0-15. This is such an important guitar, because
not only did he use it on Californication, he used it on all of the acoustic stuff for
Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Mars Volta and all of his own solo acoustic albums. Number five – The Gibson Les Paul. The three main models of this guitar that
Mr Frusciante is known for using are the 1970s Les Paul Custom, The 1990s Les Paul Classic
and the 1969 Les Paul Custom. The early nineties model can be seen on a
video creating the music to “Give It Away”. This was six months before Blood Sugar Sex
Magic was released. The 1969 Les Paul Custom was acquired sometime
prior to Stadium Arcadium. It was used on the song Ready Made and some
overdubs on Make You Feel Better. Occasionally he would play this live. The 1970s Les Paul Custom was acquired before
Mother’s Milk and was used to record the song Higher Ground. Number four – The 1955 Gretsch White Falcon. John found this guitar through director Vincent
Gallo. He used is mainly on the Californication album,
it was used on By The Way also but not much after that. It can really be heard on Otherside, Californication
and This Velvet Glove. Number three – The Fender Telecaster. A 1963 or 65 Fender Custom Telecaster can
be heard most notably on the Scar Tissue solo. Do you remember those magazine articles I
was telling you about earlier? Well, in those he refers to it being a 65
Telecaster although it seems that most sources point to it as being a 63. Number two – The Fender Jaguar. A Fiesta Red 1961 or 62 Fender Jaguar is his
longest serving guitar, not his first guitar but the one he’s owned the longest. The red Jaguar was used in the late nineties
and early 2000s for warming up and pissing about on before shows. He would use it as his writing guitar eventually
and he did also use it live on the song Around The World. He also has a 1960s white Fender Jaguar, which
apparently he converted to a Roland GR300 guitar synthesizer. And of course the Sea Foam Green Fender Jaguar
which is most famous for being used on the video for Under The Bridge. Before revealing our most iconic John Frusciante
guitar, here are a few honourable mentions. The 1956 Gibson ES-175, used on the solo for
Get On Top. A Fender Mustang and Fender Duo Sonics, he
absolutely loves these guitars but mainly just uses them for practising. A 1961 Rickenbacker 365 Deluxe, this guitar
can be seen on the Dani California video. Number one – The Fender Stratocaster. A 1960s Fender Stratocaster that was used
on recording for Blood Sugar Sex… I still can’t say it. A 1955 Fender Stratocaster, a red 1961 Fender
Strat, this one was bought just before Stadium Arcadium. A 1963 White, again used on later stuff primarily
touring. But the guitar that seems to be his favourite
and certainly without doubt the most iconic is his 1962 Fender Stratocaster in Sunburst. John swapped the pick-ups out of this guitar
for Seymour Duncan SSL1s. Do you agree with our list? Have we missed any out? Yes we definitely have. Like this video, subscribe to our page, click
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