Resposta ao Funk Ostentação – Edu Krieger

You ostentate what you don’t have
In order to try to look happier But you don’t know that in order to be someone
You have to act contrariwise of what you say You think you have freedom
Showing off richness and power But you don’t see that actually
The system profits by using you And the system has the color
Of racism and slavery Every time you value
Little brand clothes and the ostentation The white and bourgeois élite,
Who’s the owner of label shops, Takes advantage of it, for you impose yourself
But the system is the one that raises its potential North-American clips
Of hip-hop artists You want to imitate them wrongly
Thinking that you’re going to be more popular That’s the rule of capitalism
They want us to spend So that we live by the abyss
We are shit for them You think you’re a role model
For the children at the community I’m sorry, but I must say
That what you do is damn evil If the kid has no conditions
To join this posh world This may become frustration
And you will fuck this poor boy up Who, in order to have bad-ass sneakers
May even mug a playboy kid Because if he is excluded of fashion
He is despised and it hurts And the women who surround you
Who cover you with kisses and affection Are less worthy than your necklace
Because you treat them worse than an object Those who struggle to live
And put food on the table Suddenly see you on TV
Driving a big car and showing off your richness Ostentating to call attention
And thinking this is cool But unaware that this ostentation
Makes the white man make more money Blacks have to have power
Blacks have to be protagonists They have to be on the new, on TV
On the billboard and on the cover of every But it makes no sense
To ostentate a diamond ring It will only generate violence
Jealousy and envy on your equals How nice is your accomplishment
Your life history as well But your talk is so consumerist
That makes you an artist hostage Of this fake and failed posture
That pretends to increase your self-esteem Poor is the one who climbs the social ladder
And doesn’t know what to do when he gets there