Review Tom Tone Okoto vs Bogner Ecstasy Red Played by Kleber K Shima

Hello guys I’m Kleber K Shima and now I’ll be talking of the Tone Tone pedals, It is the Okotô Overdrive Preamp I will compare it with this Bogner pedal. It is a Bogner’s release, Ecstasy Red model The guitar I will use here is the Les Paul Music Maker LPS and the amplifier also the Music Maker with Anilco Jensen’s speaker, 50 watts with 6L6 Then I’ll start here with the clean sound It has just a little reverb there also just to give an ambience I’ll start with this one The controls here are: Bass, Treble, Mid, Midrange, gain and level And the Bogner It is here the volume, treble, mid, bass and gain, then he has a gain booster also with a gain’s volume control and a set of keys that change the tone The first key is a Variac simulator which reduces the power 3 modes here A pre equalizer And the structure that simulates the 3 types of Ecstasy amplifier Bogner Let’s see how changes the question of gain, here the gain is at maximum Here it clean when you leave the Drive at zero What does not happen with the Bogner that if you leave it at zero it mute the sound You haven’t way to use with low gain, is a pedal a lot of gain So comparing this one has more gain, only the Okotô has a little less gain, but with it you can control from 0 to 10 and Bogner no longer Let’s see here how work frequencies, so Treble Let’s see Bogner The Treble maximum The Treble in the middle The Treble zero Let’s see here Okotô The Treble Maximum The Treble in the middle The Treble closed This one covers a wider range, the Okotô Let’s see now the Mid, The Ecstasy The Mid at 10 The Mid at the Middle The Mid closed Let´s see now the Okotô The Mid at 10 The Mid at Middle The Mid at zero This one has another medium yet, which is the Midranger you can go here matching I like the Mid zero and the Midrange at 10 These keys up here the Bogner does not change much the sound Here decreases volume The 3 modes here, Full, Tight and Mellow does not change much The pre EQ also Changes little bit, let’s see the 3 modes here of Structure I will leave both at the same level where the volume is 5 and the maximum gain I think it gave to compare and feel the difference from one pedal to the other. So this was the Tom Tone Okotô and Bogner Ecstasy Red. Thanks