Rojas School of Music

At Rojas School of Music, we are dedicated
to providing high quality music education. Private and group lessons are the core of
what we do. We have teachers available for just about
every instrument – piano, guitar & ukulele, drums, strings, brass, woodwinds, and voice. Lessons are available in-home or at our school. Our teaching staff is made up of experienced
concert musicians and professional teachers who share a passion for teaching and inspiring
our students. We encourage all of our students to perform
in our recitals as often as possible. Performing in front of an audience allows
for recognition and praise, and builds confidence and other skills such as goal-setting, poise,
and public speaking. We also believe in giving back to our community. You’ll find us performing at local libraries,
rehabilitation centers and retirement centers. These opportunities allow our students to
gain performance experience while sharing the gift of music. “I have four children with Rojas School of
Music and we’ve been with them since the beginning. The thing that makes me most excited about
being here is that they are able to teach to every single child. They don’t have a perfect kid in mind when
they begin to teach your child. They take your child from where they are and
they work with that child and they grow with that child. And they allow that child to go from where
they were to who they are.” Learning to play your instrument is only one
part of a complete music education. We also strongly emphasize music theory, ear
training, sight-reading and music notation as essential skills. Our curriculum is aligned with the Texas State
Music Theory Exam and students have the option to participate in the state theory test beginning
at Grade 1. Several of our students have earned the gold
medal on this exam. Our piano lab is a social and collaborative
environment for learning the foundations of piano. Our Clavinova electronic pianos are connected
to the state-of-the-art Yamaha LC4 Piano Lab System, which allows the teacher to control
communication between the headsets on each keyboard. Working in partnership with local area schools,
Rojas School of Music provides opportunities for young students to learn music through
elementary band and orchestra after-school programs. These young musicians begin as early as kindergarten
and learn musicianship, ear training, and music theory along with their instruments. So call, email or Facebook message us today
to schedule your FREE TRIAL LESSON. We look forward to serving you and your family!