RUIDO vs. FUTURE Guitarist [The Battle]

what who are you what SHUT UP I ask the questions here, I came from the future in the future everything is
destroyed and we need one musician that plays each instrument and you may be the
chosen one And why me? Because Davie504 is so
Oh yeah I know that, yes But why me? What’s this?
This is all instruments in one ok what you can do with that?
Listen to this: okay that’s so nice but I can do that too but I think that in this thing
you cannot slap like this: That’s not big deal here I can bend 24 frets
listen: okay alright but you cannot do this:
PICKHAX! you cannot do that.
That’s nothing here I’ve a piano and a violin Okay and what else you can do with this th-
DON’T TOUCH IT!! Shut up, just listen what i’m going to do: Oh my god Okay guy, you’re very good. There’s one last challenge. Just one. I want you to play over a solo from the future. Do you accept the challenge? Should I? Yeah why not? But but- I don’t want to go to the future, WHY? WHY ME IN THE FUTURE? Do you accept the challenge or not?
Okay okay okay, I will I will. Okay, show me what you got: