Rye High School Lip Dub “Uptown Funk”

What’s up big boy? Hey bud, just training
up. How you doin’ man? Doin’ alright. You know its a dance scene this year. Gotta step
it up. I’ve been eating this green stuff from Krajca. I mean, we’ve been eating healthy,
been doing what we need
to do. George grows good stuff, they say it’ s good for you. I’m still a little nervous we’re
not going to get the call for the opening scene. Lets go take, a little bit more practice.
Let’s warm up. Game face. You know what? This just aint’ happening, I mean honestly. No
no no, stay with it, stay with it. I just know it’s not happening this year. We can
do this. I just don’t feel it. Something’s wrong, something’s off. You know what? Maybe,
maybe we’ve reached our max. We need some help. We need a teacher… a master. But who?
Someone who can take us to the next level.