S. D. Burman Biography | The Incomparable Music Composer

“Listen my friend. Listen my lover.
Listen my companion.” Everyone used to call him
with love as Dada Burman. This is legendry music
director Sachin Dev Burman. “What did you say? What did I hear?
The matter took place.” He was born on 1st of October
in Comilla ( now Bangladesh) SD Burman belonged to a royal family. His mother Princess Nirmala Devi
was the princess of Manipur. Father Nawab Chandradev Burman was.. ..was the son of the king of Tripura. “I agree that sir didn’t call me. Can’t you tolerate my company too?” “Unnecessarily getting angry.
You are leaving in arrogance.” “There is no comparison to you.” “I agree that sir didn’t call me.” Dada Burman was the youngest
son of his parents. He studied in Comilla.
After that he went to Calcutta.. ..University to do MA.
Till the time Dada Burman was in.. .. Comilla his interest in folk music
increased a lot with his father. With the people around him he also made.. ..folk music apart of his heart. From that time itself he started
accumulating lots of music. Though he was ignorant of this matter that.. ..later on he would become a music director. “I went with power for my lover.” “I promise on my lover that
I didn’t get my lover.” “I went with power for my lover.” “I promise on my lover that
I didn’t get my lover.” “I went with power.” S.D. Burman learnt from Khalifa Badalkhan. He was a Sarangi player. Ustad Badalkhan.. ..Allahuddin Khan and Sangeeta Acharya… ..were also his teachers. In the year 1932 in Calcutta Radio station.. ..he worked as Radio singer. On one side there was the
effect of Rabindra.. ..Sangeet and Folk music on him. Simultaneously he started to move in the.. ..direction of film music. In the year 1944 on Sheshadar Mukerjee’s ..request he came to Filmistan studio. He gave music for the film Shikari. Those days superstar Ashok Kumar
was working in that movie. In the starting period SD
Burman was not able to succeed. He wanted to leave Mumbai
and go back to Calcutta. That time Ashok Kumar stopped him. He told him to give the
music for his film “Mashaal”. After that you can go where ever you want. Then luck changed.
This film turned out to be a hit. And Dada Burman stay in Mumbai forever. Then that period started which
we call as Dada Burman’s time. With Dev Anand his pairing was very good. SD Burman became a permanent
part of Navketan productions. “In the journey of life people
meet to get separated.” “They give memories to
torment in loneliness.” For Dev Anand he did “Nau
Do Gyaarah”, “Taxi Driver”. “Kala Pani”, “Munimji”, “Paying Guest”. In all these movies SD
Burman’s music shined a lot. “Lord Shiva is leaving for
marriage in palalquin.. ..by putting ash on forehead.” In Dev Anand’s close friend
Guru Dutt’s film “Pyaasa” also.. ..S.D. Burman gave such music that the.. ..songs were on people’s lips. “I don’t know those people who
got love in return for love?” “When I asked for flowers I
got the garland of thorn.” “I don’t know those people who
got love in return for love?” The specialty of S.D. Burman was
it may be romantic song.. ..or sad one or it may be
picturised on a comedian. He used to understand the
situation very well. This is the reason that for
Guru Dutt’s film “Pyaasa” and.. ..”Kagaz Ke Phool” these music’s
gave them more heights. “I saw the friendship of this society.” “Everyone got separated one by one.” On one side Lata Mangeshkar
sang many of S.D. Buman’s songs. Even Geeta Dutt did wonder to those songs. “If I make my heart reside in your eyes?” “If I close my eyes and punish this heart?” “If I make my heart reside in your eyes?” This matter is also famous that.. ..SD Burman had a tiff with Lata Mageshkar. For some years they didn’t work together. It was that time when Geeta Dutt was going.. ..through a rough time in her personal life. That time Asha Bhosle’s voice was.. ..also heard a lot in SD Burman’s music. “Leave my sari, what will this society say?” “This society is also crazy
behind these mannerisms.” “What will the crazy say?” “Leave my sari, what will this society say?” Dada Burman made use of the voice of.. Rafi sir and Manna Dey sir quite well. The time came when the first superstar.. ..was going to come in the film industry. That time Kishore Kumar’s voice was made the voice of the Superstar. SD Burman and Hrishikesh Mukerjee’s
pair also did very well. It may have been film
“Abhimaan”, “Chupke Chupke”.. ..or the last film of Dada Burman Mili. “If either your head is spinning
or your heart is in depression.” “Come dear to me. Why are you scared?
Why are you scared?” “Massage. Oil Massage.” This story is famous that when
Dev Anand told S.D. Burman.. ..to give music to his film Hare.. ..Rama Hare Krishna Dada Burman refused him. He told him if you want western
music, you take Pancham. Pancham means RD Burman.
That time R.D. Burman.. .. became the music director
of “Hare Ram Hare Krishna”. “The eyes are beautiful.
Look how beautiful is the climate.” “After throwing the arrow on
my heart you bend a bit.” “The eyes are beautiful.” S.D. Burman was very proud
that his son Pancham that.. ..is R.D. Burman was also a
wonderful music director. And many times the music
that Pancham had made in.. .. childhood was used by
S.D. Burman in his films. Dada Burman thought his son
very clearly that where ever.. ..you hear anything you record that. To such an extant that even
the music that come in your.. .. dreams should also be recorded. How many ever musical
instruments that you can.. ..learn you learn. This was the reason that R.D. Burman changed.. the face of film music. “The wishes of the heart are ripe. The scenario is dipped in color.” “I have won you by losing both this world.” “The wishes of the heart are ripe.” On hearing this you’ll be
surprised to know that.. ..great cricketer
Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar’s name.. ..was kept on S.D. Burman’s name only. Sachin’s father was a big fan of S.D. Burman. That is why he named his son as Sachin. “The moon has again come out
but you have not come.” “Again my heart is paining. What shall I do?” “The moon has again come out.” Dada Burman got married to Meera Burman. It was a love marriage. Due to which his family members were unhappy. This was also a reason why SD Burman could.. come into music fully. In the history of Indian cinema
music director S.D. Burman’s.. .. name will always be taken with pride. “Even then I’m waiting by planting my eyes.” “What shall I do that your
thoughts are coming?” “The moon has again come out.” For bollywood’s latest news and gossip log.. ..on to facebook.com/ultraHindi. And twitter.com/ultraHindi