[Music] welcome back to Fuji Rock Festival live on YouTube in the studio we have the gorgeous and fantastic Sabrina Claudio are you doing so good thank you for having me yeah straight off red mark yes first Fuji Rock first time in Japan first time out of North America yeah I saw you on the ground saying yeah well I’m currently like on the Asian tour right Indonesia Malaysia this is my third stop uh-huh Korea tomorrow and so I’m just living the best life ever this is yeah now you’re in Jakarta and also in Malaysia to write this whole Asian experience how is it kind of developing upon you then well first of all the the culture is kind of a shock to me in the best way I’m so used to what I’ve grown up with you know just coming here in general I’m just seeing the people and the architecture just everything is just like so different and amazing and it’s just it’s a great experience and I feel like I’ve had the best shows I’ve ever had in Asia yeah it’s something I’m gonna carry for the rest of my career have you felt that connection between yourself absolutely the bond that also with the crowd – yeah I was like I guess it’s only different for me very different because everything about it is different being in in Asia and being with the crowd and just the type of crowd and their energy that’s different from what I’m used to from back home it’s just surety that you might feel them to be a bit reticent you know or kind of like bit reserved in their way music trust me the heart is so in there yeah yeah I feel like it’s a different way of taking in the music for sure I they’re more engaged than what I’m used to which is great because you look in the crowd and everybody’s actually paying attention and watching so it’s a good thing and so I I realized that the quieter and the more respectful yeah they are the more that they’re enjoying it so yeah listen like halfway through your gig which we all saw and after the gig I was checking out all the you know whatever it was no Twitter or whether it’s a YouTube you know several different kind of like you know networks great and amount of attention towards detail really by the comments out there you know we’re like really quiet precise but you know um what I found interesting was and there was a lot of odd this person is the most effortlessly – it’s the music for sure it just like kind of it’s inevitable to feel you know no matter who it is I feel them the music just brings out this more sensual side of who you are how would you manage to be so chilled out this is something that I’ve I’m quite engaged by I don’t know who I am I guess and just especially in the music I think just you hear the music and then you kind of meet me and it’s like it just I feel it kind of all just makes sense uh-huh and because I’m so naturally like chill I guess it’s hard for me to do anything else with the music you know and so I feel that’s what makes it a little bit more authentic even when performing right you know it’s just because I’m performing music that I genuinely feel true you know I mean um it was a really intimate gig and yeah I hope you take this in a good way it’s just so beautifully raw if you see what I mean that’s the goal every time am I good with the description it yeah you’re better describing it than I am surely not yeah but the thing is that’s the exact word that I want people to described the show as which is intimate and no matter the size of the venue or the festival or the crowd if it’s 10,000 people if it’s 10 people right I think myself my four-piece band and just everything live makes it feel like it’s just myself and that one person and that’s just the goal I don’t have a huge production you know it would be nice maybe in the future I will but I don’t have dancers just like crazy choreography yeah it’s just me the mic my band and the audience like one of the comments on YouTube was like saying they could listen to your voice at 24 hours of the day and kind of just just kind of you know be themselves you know that one more thing about I really want the Japanese public out there to understand you as a person – right and just going back and the years you grew up in Miami right I did born and raised Oh with a Latino background – right yes Mirta Rican and Cuban Rican Cuban okay and with that background – and then the eventual immersion into R&B it softly was that with the influence of your parents was it was your dad actually my dad pretty much put me onto all the R&B music that I know it was really R&B and hip hop but I obviously gravitated more towards R&B just because I just fell in love with the melodies and the concepts and everything about it and so as I got older I was actually introduced to bossa nova and jazz by my grandfather and just being influenced by all of those different types of genres and sounds is what kind of helped me mold whatever sound I have yes but being a massive lover of music as a fan then being an entertainer words and a presence that come across to the crowd this is two complete different no factors yeah in life and how did you manage to make that love for music into a profession well the funny thing is I wasn’t even into singing until I was 14 yeah I wish I was more passionate about dancing Ryan it was always something that had to do with being creative uh-huh I tried modeling that didn’t really work out and so I knew I could sing but it wasn’t something I was passionate about so when I was 14 I just decided to actually put covers out on YouTube just because my family would tell me all the time that I should do it just put myself out there who knows what happened but it wasn’t until I was able to get in a studio and that opportunity obviously came from putting my covers out of course it wasn’t until I got in a studio and started creating and writing my own music that I found my passion hmm so singing I love singing obviously but my main passion is the songwriting part right yeah and the songwriting part of it started off um materializing a couple of years ago 2015 or something right when you started writing your son’s and coming up I’m 22 when I was 14 I started doing the covers right around 1516 I say it’s a bit more back than two things yeah I started creating music that I wasn’t in love with then I was creating I didn’t know who I was in that moment when I was around that age so I was very easily manipulated into writing things that I didn’t want to write it wasn’t until I was 17 and I moved to Los Angeles that I started creating the music that I wanted to that’s where confident any loss was born my very first song that I wrote when I moved to Los Angeles right so it around 17 is when I was like oh okay this is what I’m supposed to be doing for the rest of my life yeah and that’s been developing over the course oh absolutely and I feel like my songwriting me as a person and as a woman obviously I’m still very young I’ve just been evolving in the most incredible way and it’s because of the music I wasn’t always the most confident person pretty much I wasn’t confident at all when I was younger and so the music just helped me become the person that I am today which is crazy it’s quite unbelievable because what we sort of see on the stage is somebody just thriving years ago that wouldn’t have been a thing really I swear I wouldn’t even be able to stay here and speak to you no way I swear as education is there a possibility you could have got the jitters or the butterflies in the stomach before like a show ever or like in the past do you get it now no it’s more of like a anxiety like I want to do it already the waiting part is but it’s not like oh I don’t want to get on stage kind of thing I’m nervous yeah it’s more of just like I’m so anxious to get on this stage sometimes I get nervous don’t get me wrong I’m uh you know just numb to nerves but it’s quite rare especially now maybe more so in the beginning but now it’s more just like I just want to perform of course um you said you were young you know age wise of course you are maybe still young compared to the whole population in the world what not but we’re looking at the comments dude as people saying the maturity and you know yeah elegance the adult nurse is there would you be guard yourselves to be yourself to be mature or I’m definitely an old soul I feel really but funny enough in the times where I was songwriting when I was being manipulated we’ll just say that my music my lyrics were too mature for the people that I was working with right so I’ve always had this like songwriting way of just speaking about things I didn’t even know about and it just came out of my imagination and so it’s definitely something I take pride in because it was kind of frowned upon in the beginning and it’s now made me into you know me in general I’m just really intrigued how just going to develop over the next couple of elements your fast-food job your first time out of North America right there first light like the future I know I’m excited about it yes thanks for the time to really thank you that take himself yes thank you [Music]