Sean Carey: Composer AND Collaborator

Sean Carey/Featured artist, Eaux Claires
Music Festival//Justin Vernon, who is the curator of the festival and a band mate of
mine, he asked me’ hey do you want to do something different, do you want to perform with an
orchestra or a jazz ensemble, or a brass quartet or something.’ And I was like ‘yeah, I think
so. I don’t know.’ (((natural sound of music beginning))) I think I just chose the jazz
band because of my obvious connection with it, because I played in the band for a few
years, and I though it would be some cool sounds with my music. ((natural sound of singing))
Jazz One is an ensemble that you really have to work at to get in to and I think definitely
playing in that group gave me a lot of confidence that I could do it, you know. ((natural sound:
for those of you who don’t know this is the UW-Eau Claire Jazz Ensemble)) The music’s
always been here, it’s just a matter of like, now it’s really getting out there and getting
national and international attention. So, but I remember coming to school here and thinking
wow, there’s all these really cool local bands that are awesome and have guys that have gone
on and do their own thing. Yeah, it is unique for a town like this. In a way, it makes sense,
because I feel like the music culture here has always been really strong, and now it’s
a way for us to showcase what we do ((natural sound of music))