Sesame Street Music Maker Loud & Soft 2nd Verse

GROVER: Oh! You Would like to sing with Little Elmo & Me? I’m So Glad! OK! Here we Go! Oh! You Would Like to sing Loud & Soft Again. ELMO: Yay! Now Grover, Elmo would like to start this time. Here We Go! …. Oh Grover… But… Elmo would like… We can we cheer. GROVER!!!! But Not all the time. OK. Now Grover, Here we… GROVER!!! But… Elmo dosen’t wanna to be short… Grover? Would you get Elmo do Loud? & High & Long? Now Wait a minute Grover… Elmo does too! So You Should Agree with Elmo, Grover! GROVER: Dear Not, How to like Sing this song? ELMO: It’s Ok. But Elmo could think of a way Elmo Would Reaily Singer. GROVER: Oh! Do you mean, Wearing Furry Hats, Elmo? ELMO: That’s not we’re Elmo means, Grover.