Shoshanah Photography and OT Equipment Musical Instruments

Hi, I’m Shoshanah Shear. I’m a professional
occupational therapist, an author, a writer, an artist and a photographer; and
in today’s video I’d like to introduce to you a combination that we’re
in the process of setting up combining some of my equipment from my occupational
therapy room and our photography. So as you can see some of the items that we we
have around where I’m sitting. I have some of my toys for younger children, we
have things appropriate for babies (older or toddlers) and some handmade dollies, some rattles and
so on. I have handmade beanbags. We’ve got some balls over there. We’ve got musical
instruments, beautiful teddy bears and obviously some other games as well. And
the idea that we’d like to share with you, is to offer the potential of three
different packages. So these packages are for you to bring your children into this
treatment room / come studio, where they all have the opportunity to play with
these toys and games that we have. The second package is to take those items
that are suitable to go into the park where they can play in nature, be able to
run on the grass, look at the flowers and the trees and so on, and play with the
balls and the bubbles and the various other items that are suitable for
outdoors. And the third package is a combination of some studio
photography and some photography out in nature. So what is special about these
things is that some of the items I have are specifically for example my range of
wooden instruments have been originally I purchased them for working with blind
children and so I don’t care that the sounds and the tones would be natural
and beautiful. And that also offers for your children that when they come into the studio, they’ll have the opportunity both to
enjoy the musical instruments but engaging and playing with these with
these instruments is very calming. So what we want for the positions and the
expressions for children is to be calm and natural and full of life and smiles.
We don’t want them to be hyperactive, we don’t want them to be tense, we don’t
want them to be scared or any of those kinds of expressions. And the musical
instruments and the toys that I have help to be able to bring out exactly
the kinds of expressions that you as parents would want to be seeing.
The other benefit of what I’m offering to you is that your children
are going to experience a really fun, full, quality time this is important not
only in order as I say for the types of photographs that we’ll get the end
product. But for children of today’s time especially, engaging in natural play and
creativity is very important, because of the amount of time that
they’re spending more and more on technology – computer, smartphones,
laptops and so on; and getting away from the natural play. Play is very important
for their development. So you as parents would be getting a complete package – your
children would be enjoying, experiencing nurturing their needs
from a physical, mental, emotional point of view and you as parents would have
the end product, of beautiful professional photographs. We do have a
backdrop and lights that we would be able to use and we also have
the possibility of having certain clips either done in video form or as a
slideshow for you to send to any relatives who are overseas. So do be in
touch with us. We’d love to discuss whatever package would suit your budget
and your needs, and the children the age range or the number of children in your
family. You can find out more about what we do on my website: and be in touch and we’ll have a look,
Check back on this YouTube channel where you can see more
videos that we hope to be sharing with you very soon