SimLab Composer : Animation Workbench

the animation workbench in simlab composer offers multiple tools that facilitate animating objects and cameras in the 3d scene once you access the animation workbench the animation tools will appear in addition to the primary composer tools those tools are arranged into categories based on their functionality the objects animation menu holds several tools associated with animating an object those presets assist the user in creating common objects animations quickly and efficiently the same arrangement also applies to the cameras animation menu where you will find the tools necessary to animate the camera additionally simlab composer can produce an image sequence of the animation and is able to convert the sequence to a video file that can be easily viewed externally the last tool available in the animation workbench is the walkthrough tool a walkthrough is a type of animation that mimics a human walking around within a 3d scene which with its varied options offers accurate control over the cameras movement that immensely improves your models demonstration to animate an object using the available tools select the object then go to the objects animation menu and select the type of animation needed you notice that a new element has been added to the animation timeline the timeline is an editable dynamic diagram that reflects the status of all the animated objects in your scene by illustrating the changes to the objects as keys along a timeline to manually create an object’s animation with the use of the animation timeline keys select the object you intend to move and slide the timeline to a certain frame then change an object’s attribute such as position or scale to the desired value notice that a key has been created on the frame denoting the new status of the object on that frame those editable keys can be moved from their current frame to a new frame position by dragging them along the timeline moving a key preserves its value and changes only the animations time interval which is an effortless method to adjust the timing of an animation without having to recreate it you