Somebody That I Used To Know – WOTE Parody! Key of Awesome #55!

Now and then we like to play one guitar together and that’s convenient since we only have the one. Tony sold our other instruments. To pay some gangsters but he’s still in debt. and if they catch him he will surely be dismembered. Tony is addicted to a wide array of narcotics. He says they help him write but we’re a cover band. I’m not sure why we keep him in the band. Maybe it’s because he drives the van. The rest of us can only drive an automatic. This used to just be my guitar! Now Dave is banging on it like he’s f*cking Tito Puente! We all look sad because we’re starved! Tonight for dinner we’re splitting a candy bar! We have the poorest band in the world! We have to look like we are camping but we’re really homeless! and I don’t even own this voice! We had to borrow it from Peter Gabrial. Don’t you know you got to shot the monkey! Climbing up on Sulsberry hill. Sledgehammer! Oom-pa! loom-pa do ba dee do. My feet are cold ’cause Tony sold my shoes. I don’t think that we should blame our problems all on Tony… Tony’s not the only dead-beat in this band… I don’t wanna name any names… but Derick, Timothy, and Dave… each have fooled around with me, I threw up this morning and now I’m gonna have a band baby! You could have mentioned that before! How could we afford to put our kid through kindergarten! Hey guys where did Tony go?! You all know that Tony can’t be left alone. and now he’s got the camera! if he sells it then we will officially have nothing! There’s nothing Tony can’t destroy! but no one else knows how to do the plinky-noise! the klinky noise… We need Tony! to do the klinky noise… Somebody get Tony! He does the klinky-noise… and send us some money! for the klinky-noise… My stomach feels funny! THE KEY OF AWESOME! Hey! Thanks for watching the key of awesome! Click on the grid over here to check out our other videos. and we would like to say thanks Kevin from VSause2 for playing Tony Go subscribe to VSause2. and there’s still time to buy tickets to the digi-tour which we are going on. very soon. Click below in the description to buy tickets.