Sounds of the Seventies Jam (full version) all-analogue Eurorack Modular

The dry signal is some pink noise passing through the Fixed Filter Bank Using the attenuator to fade between the dry (input) and the wet (filtered) signal An LFO is modulating the mix between the left (black) and right (white) bands of the filter Now I’m adjusting the bands manually to create movement… …and here I start adding some external reverb This sound is the Ladder Filter self-oscillating and being played by a keyboard, which I’m playing with my spare hand …with some red noise modulating the filter frequency for a bit of pitch wobble Mixing in the square wave from a single VCO Lowering the resonance on the Ladder Fitler, removing the square from the mix, but adding the saw wave via the Wave Swarm Introducing a sub oscillator to the Fixed Filter bank, which is generated from another VCO by the Ring SM The Ring SM is also a mixer based on the Moog CP3, here the noise, two VCO’s and sub oscillator are mixed Introducing the square waves from the other two VCO’s into the mix (to the Fixed Filter Bank) Lowering the audio that’s passing through the VCA (offset) Adding delay as an insert effect on the fixed filter bank channel Starting the sequencer, which is controlling the two VCO’s that are passing through the filter bank Increasing the level of the envelope to the VCA The ‘Offset’ attenuator allows sound to pass through the VCA… Whilst the CV attenuators control the level of CV control over the VCA’s amplitude (volume) Using Precision Voltages to lower one VCO by 5 notes For more analogue synth music, both Eurorack and other synths, please subscribe My music/albums are available at the links in the description below