Steve From Pup Reveals His Guitar Rig | Gearheads

The – the players that always kind of
interest me are the ones who are kind of serving the song and, and, and not over
playing. Players sound really great just a guitar and – and an amplifier, and then when
they’re adding things like an overdrive and a delay you’re still kind of hearing all – you’re
still hearing the instrument, you’re hearing the actual fingers on the on the
strings on the frets and then not over playing kind of being melodic. Yeah, I don’t know
I like players that have that are you know exercise restraint and show a lot
of intention My name is Steve Sladkowski and I play
guitar in the band that’s from here in Toronto called Pup. So I have this Tele,
which I got from Fender generously, which is kind of the main Telecaster that I
use now but like all that like “Guilt Trip,” like those early kind of
riffs from the – the Pup days were all kind of on the – the Tele, so they’re all
kind of like you know The Tele kind of just is so biting that it
cuts through, but it all kind of works. Uh, yeah, so I’ve been a Fender guy
essentially kind of from day one. My first pedal was a Boss Blues Driver,
which is like one of the like OG distortion, you know,
so I don’t have one now but like it would’ve been all that like Eric
Clapton, kind of like (plays guitar). I was pretty lucky I kind of had a few guitar teachers who
were like and it’s something that I kind of took to heart it’s like you should be
able to play clean anything that you can play distorted so it was a lot of focus
on like trying to play stuff clean and get a good kind of sound out of the
guitar before I got eight – nine pedals or whatever’s on this board right now. I’ve
been using Vibrolux amps probably for about a decade and Dr. Z is a really
amazing boutique manufacturer out of just outside of Cleveland Ohio. I’ve
always been kind of a proponent of finding like an amp that will give you
kind of a solid clean tone because I think, especially now with kind of like
boutique pedal manufacturing where it is you can kind of find distortion and – and
kind of overdrive sounds kind of dialed in and focused and kind of in line with
what you need from an overdrive, and in like a Fender amplifier it’s sort of a
classic Fender kind of sound where it just – you can just plug the
guitar in there’s a little bit of reverb there
you should always kind of be able to manage everything and not have it be
completely out of control. When we’re doing a tune like “Reservoir,” it’s a lot
easier to then to just kind of be like (plays guitar) and also still kind of have them you
know. Fuzz pedals I kind of think are the biggest – there’s like the widest variance
in kind of like how they sound and what they are, so what I’m using right now is
made by this this guy in Brisbane, Australia who has a shop that’s likes
world-renowned called Tim Guitars. The fuzz of his that I’m using right now is
called the Big Mud you know this is just like through the the head and the cab
and just the – the fuzz There’s so much variance even within the
petal like on the tone. It’s like a little bit more kind of muffled. If you push it even more it kind of becomes like almost like an 80s like metal. Reverb pedals, kind of
fuzz pedals, I’ve sort of settled on a delay: the Strymon El Capistan, which i
love very very much.The Freeze, which is that that sort of like (plays guitar),
it’s like an infinite sustain of a single attack, which is one of my
favourite. I found out about this from the jazz
guitar player, Bill Frisell. A tune like “Dark Days” on the on the first record (plays guitar) It should still sound good and still
feel like enough tone-wise if it’s just the guitar, the amp, maybe one overdrive
pedal, you know. That’s always something that I want to be able to fall back on,
whether that’s in my bedroom and it’s quiet or, you know, onstage at a festival
or something. That’s kind of always been my approach is sort of just like have
that relationship with the instrument between me and the instrument. And again
I keep coming back to just you should be able to plug it into an amp just the
guitar and it should sound good, and then add the pedals afterwards.