Stop being in a funk instantly #HTipT #118

Hi. I’m John Paul Fischbach, the CEO and Chief
Alchemist here at the Auspicious Arts Incubator. This week’s Hot Tip is about a pattern interrupt. This Hot Tip comes from our work with artist’s
using NLP. NLP is Neurolinguistic Programming so ‘Neuro’
is neural systems, nerves, brain. ‘Language’ is language and ‘Programming’:
programming. It’s how we communicate with ourselves to
get the results that we have in our lives be those positive or negative. That is the science of neurolinguistic programming. This Hot Tip is also a companion to some of
the recent Hot Tips that I have been doing on habits and procrastination. We’ve been using NLP with lots of artists
recently who come to us with an awareness of being stuck in a negative place or repeating
a negative behavior. With respect to the field of NLP I’d like
to replace the term negative with the term unresourceful because the state that you’re
in doesn’t feel good but it might not necessarily be bad. It’s just not very helpful. It’s not a place where you’re going to find
resources. That’s what I’d like to use. I’d like to change our language to be an
unresourceful state. The old way to get out of an unresourceful
state was to rely on willpower to get out of that state or to use affirmations or create
visualizations. Here’s what we’ve learned. Relying on willpower is exhausting and affirmations
and visualizations don’t really work because they don’t acknowledge the power and hold
of the present emotional state that you are in. The powerful emotion of that unresourceful
state has to be acknowledged because that is the one that you’re wanting to get out
but that you are actually in. For most of us an unresourceful state isn’t
something that we consciously choose. It comes upon us. It gets triggered. We’re not going to talk about how it gets
triggered and that sort of thing. That’s a whole other topic. Most often we simply find ourselves in an
unresourceful state and sometimes it’s a very familiar unresourceful state. We know how this is going to play out. We’ve been here before. NLP has a tool to deal with an unresourceful
state by replacing it with a resourceful state. The process, the whole process, is quite simple. Experience the unresourceful state, be in
it, understand it, feel it deeply, see it, know it, interrupt it and then replace it
with a resourceful state; the opposite. It’s a beautiful process but it takes a
bit longer than this we’ve gotten a Hot Tip Tuesday time. In this Hot Tip I want to help you understand
the power of the interruption so that I can help you break an unresourceful state. We understand that there is big power in the
unresourceful state and the emotion of that state. That emotion actually changes your physiology. It changes your thoughts. You know what that is like. You’ve experienced that. We feel trapped inside that unresourceful
state. Our job is to take back control of our emotions
and our thoughts and our physiology. We have to take back control. Right now the control is being held in that
unresourceful state but we can take that back. I bet that you have tried to do this through
willpower. You’ve tried to change the state by willpower. You’ve said to yourself “Come on John
Paul pull yourself out of this”. It’s hard and only partially successful. You get out and you slide back in. You get out and you slide back in. You get out and you slide back in but if you
can powerfully interrupt the present state what happens is you get to a new neutral place
and it’s from this neutral place that you can choose a new, different, more powerful
resourceful state to move into. When you’re in an unresourceful state change
your physiology dramatically. If you’re sitting there and it’s all, jump
up and down. Do jumping jacks. Do something with your physiology that is
completely outside of the physiology that is being authored by the unresourceful state. Then what are opposite thoughts? If these are the thoughts churning through
your mind in the unresourceful state what are the opposite thoughts? Make a list of them. Think of all the possible thoughts that there
could possibly be that are the opposite of these thoughts and start listing them. Make a list, just keep going, just keep going,
just keep going. Those are great interruptions. You can’t carry on with the emotion or the
physiology or the mental state of the unresourceful state if you’re interrupting it by doing something
completely different physically and having completely different thoughts. Once you’re in that neutral place where you’ve
taken control of your physiology, your emotions and your thoughts now comes a time to think
about how you would rather be feeling. Find a time when you felt that way, the way
that you’d rather be feeling. Find a specific time when you felt that way
and that is the new resourceful state that you want to choose to be in. You were there before you can be there again. If you slide back to the unresourceful state
just do it again. Interrupt it again and what are the keys to
interrupting? Some change in your physiology. Jump up, stand up, run, run in place, jog,
anything that is opposite to what the state is and start listing the opposite thoughts. Those are your best interrupters to break
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