Stretch Pants – A Thanksgiving Parody Music Video

WOOOOOO I’ve been waiting for this all year
For turkey day to finally get here And I’m hungry, yeah
Freakin starving, baby I’ve been thinking bout it all week
And all the food that I’m about to eat And I’m ready yeah,
Cause I wore my favorite pants Stretch Pants
My favorite piece of thanksgiving laundry No Chance
That I’m eating all this food without them on
I know Once the turkey starts then there ain’t
no stopping No chance without Stretch Pants WOOOOOOOOOOOOO **U EET DIS, BEBEH** Baby: “NAH BRUH” Potato casserole with Corn Flakes Cranberry sauce and giblet Gravaaay
Sweet potatoes, babe With the marshmallows on top
Stretch pants Got sweat drippin down cause I ate too much
and Waist band
Is Stretched out to the maximum and I I know
All the others had to unbutton theirs not this man, I’ve got, Stretch pants
Does anybody want some pie? Really full but I’ll take a bite
Make room in the fridge, that’s right Leftovers every night
Tryptophan kicking in just right Think I need to kick back in my
Stretch pants In the la-z-boy with the football game on
No plans On moving from this spot until tomorrow
Don’t change The channel even though I know I’m Snoring Stretch Pants **U EET DIS** Stretch Pants **Y U NO EET?** I know On Thanksgiving I won’t take no chance with
the waistband Wearin’ Stretch Pants **NOM NOM NOM** Stretch Pants BOOM HEADSHOT! GIT GUD Got da Stretch Pants ZzzzZzZzZZZzzZZZZzZzzZZzZZZzZ SnnnnNnnNnrrrT PhurRRbrbrbRBRbRbRBbrRbBr SnNoeRK Pfthububububububu