Summer music festivals rocking the stage across S. Korea

well summer in South Korea is a
wonderful time to enjoy some outdoor festivities especially if you have great
company tasty food and drink and plenty of live music to choose from
and the best news is there are dozens of music festivals taking place across the
country over the next few weeks covering a range of musical genres to satisfy
everyone Rock electronic jazz and a lot more our Yoon Jung Min has it all the
Incheon Penta pour rock festival 2019 one of the biggest rock festivals in
South Korea runs from August 9th until the 11th at the hold or moonlight
festival park in inter the lineup includes famous rock bands like YB
crying nut and solo artists like Chung mong-joon and King Drasil
one-day tickets cost around 60 US dollars or 80,000 Korean Won and it’s
about $170 or 200,000 won for the three-day pass it’s free for children
under 13 years of age and those above 65 the PAL town peace music festival 2019
will also be held for the first time next month in the eastern Alpine city of
Pyeongtaek the kawan rock festival is another music festival that is making
its debut this year also taking place in August in India komando province for the
punk rock music festival the organizers are offering discounts for people who
show receipts on purchases they made in the pumpkin area to boost a local
economy the kawan rock festival offers discounts
for locals teenagers the elderly and more these are just a few of the many
upcoming music festivals being held nationwide including those on jeju
island and the country’s southwestern city of Jeonju
there are also festivals in the southern city of wangju’s Asian culture center
and more in the suburbs Incheon and Paju for more information and updates the
organizers are advising people to check out their web sites which provide more
details on the line of ticket prices the venues and much more in German