Synchrony – The Rhythm of Music | UConn

synchrony is everywhere
fireflies synchronize their flashes the cells in your heart synchronize
it’s all these rhythms you know the rhythm of your breathing your brain has rhythms going
on inside it all the time that’s how you think
we can actually see that in the brain and that’s what we do at UConn
we image the rhythms of the brain at a Oscilloscape we’ve developed
sort of a new kind of AI
synchrony the product
is actually a way of visualizing what is happening in your brain
when you listen to music if you’ve got an active process that’s synchronizing
with the world you’re not reacting to everything you’re predicting things so that’s what this does that previous technology can’t get the beat
but this does
to me the science of it is just so beautiful but it’s hard to share
until you make it visible to people and then people can see
and they can really appreciate you know if you turn on your favorite music and all of a sudden you see
these LED lights doing something amazing