Synthesized Fruit: A Guest Composer at Riverdale (2018)

(soft instrumental) – I grew up in Puerto Rico
playing violin, and I didn’t even know there were composers
alive writing music. So, for me it’s really
exciting to have this chance to work with kids, and for them
to have the opportunity to work with a living composer – someone that wrote a piece specifically for them. The piece is for string
ensemble and for electronics that are being played live, and I’m playing the live
electronics in, what I’m calling, a vegetable synthesizer,
or actually today, is a fruit synthesizer. It’s basically a synthesizer
that is using alligator clips to connect the fruits
to a little synthesizer, that’s called Ototo, and
as I touch the fruit, it makes a sound that I
have mapped in my computer. And, for them to know that,
not only, being a performer, but being a composer
is another possibility in the career of music, and a lot of them are really curious about exploring with sound and I
can see them also starting to explore composing too. So, that’s exciting for me. I’m honored to be here. (instrumental)