Hi I’m bobby Crispy this Video Is Putting my guitar Lesson Series So today i’ll show how to play Taking Care of Business by bto Bachman Turner Overdrive So it’s pretty Simple it’s Made Up of Three [Main] Riffs I’ll play the Riffs and I’ll Show how They’re Paid Enough Promote using jobs Okay so the first riff okay Starts off as a C chord Top string a Thread 5th string 10th fret Play that Twice and on the Fifth string [for] the 12th fret With your Pinky Once Then Back to the Tenth fret Fifth string yeah twice so what’s Then You Just Move the whole thing down Two frets to B-Flat do the exact Same Thing and go to the Fifth string 8th fret Exact Same Thing so if A string 8th fret 4th String 10th fret Or f chord [Click] Twice [Fourth] String Fourth fret Clip your Pinkie Once And back to the 10th fret Fourth string Twice then it goes Back to the First One See Top string 8th fret of The exact Same Thing is Four so Once Again Slowly Right That’s True Everyone okay rift number Two is this? okay [Starts] [off] at the Bottom string Twelfth fret Second String [Eleventh] fret Third String Fourth fret as a chord Play That Five Times Picking Up and Down So it’s okay it Goes to the Second The Third strings A threat [Via] at the same Time the Third string sixth fret Bedded Down to the Fourth string 8th fret Six eight That Part again Wait here Same Thing but at. The 5th string Position So it’s Bottom string 5th fret 2nd string 4th fret and Third String [5th] fret Same Thing Played five Times Now okay and then to the second and Third strings 10th fret Third String A, threat bennet Down Fourth String 10th fret [8] Death Don’t play it again Slowly That’s the Second Right Thrift Is this Okay, Those are Full bar Chords so the first one is a C at the Eighth fret For all the strings on each Rep at that Third String 9th Red 4th and 5th strings [Down] Threatened You Haven’t Played a Barre Chord before okay, so it’s twice on the C Chord Enter the f bar Chord the Fifth string 8th fret Pinky With A 10th fret on the 4th 3rd and 2nd strings [3] Times So it’s Move that Down Just Move it Down to Fresh you flat and Clean up twice And back to the Same Chord is Played c.push Two frets Down B-Flat Six red Play That few Times so Playing it Slowly Okay and it was the Three Maintenance of the sun, okay I hope this Lesson has Been Helpful and Thanks for Watching