Taking A Sound Bath (EXPERIMENT)

– Today we take baths in sound.
– Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Good Mythical Morning!
– Link, do you hear that? Do you hear it? – Nottt yet…
– Do you hear the cacophony of sounds that are all around – I think I used that word
correctly, I’m not sure if I did or not. – Yeah, cacophony.
– But everything makes sound. Everything that vibrates and everything around us
has atoms in it and those atoms are vibrating, they’re constantly giving off
sound. We are in a sea of sound right now we just can’t hear it, because our ears are
made to hear just a few things, like my voice talking to you right now, or
me (knocking on table) knocking on this. But there’s sounds all around.
– (knocking on table) – And for years, for centuries people have
recognized that there’s something to this sound… – Mhmm.
– An ancient Sufi master, Inayat Khan, he said, “The knower of the mystery of sound
knows the mystery of the whole universe.” – For realz!
– And did you know that aborigines down in Australia have been using sound to
actually heal things for over 40,000 years with the didgeridoo? (makes low humming noises)
– I did know that. I told you that. – That thing?
– Yep. – And they heal themselves with that.
Anyway, so, people have believed for a long time that there’s something to sounds
being able to actually have therapeutic properties for people. And in the modern
era that has turned into something called: “Sound Baths.”
– Yeah, this is a fascinating thing, and we’re gonna, we’re gonna dive deep into
this, we’re gonna… – Right into the sound bath.
– …experience it ourselves. – Maybe feet first.
– Now, a sound bath is not a tub full of musical instruments. There’s actually…
– That would be cool though. – …technically there is no water involved.
It is a meditative place where you go to experience pure sound. Now, take a look
at this footage of a typical sound bath. As you can see, it’s in a yoga studio
setting. You got people layin’ down on yoga mats with blankets covering them
and there is a sound therapist that is playing various instruments, like tip-toeing
around and didgeridoo, gongs, drums, crystal singing bowls, it’s like all…
– It’s like the ultimate band instructor in high school. – Well, it’s a soothing thing that takes
you to a meditative place. It takes you on a sound journey.
– Oh, yeah. Alright. – So, for some people it’s like a relaxing
meditative concert in the cosmos. For other people it’s just an occasion to take
a nap. Which I think that’s what it would be for me. But, we should find out!
We’ve been inspired… – Yeah.
– …by this whole technique of sound baths. – And it’s not actually going and visiting
a legitimate sound bath, we’ve decided, let’s take the easy way out. Let’s create
our own sound baths for each other, right here. So! To the sound bath! Welcome to our sound bath experience.
Link, you’re the first one in the bath. – Now, let me point out first of all –
we didn’t need to actually be in a bubble bath but I am.
– You’re not complaining about it, are you? – I am not.
– That’s right. – Just soaking it up.
– We’re taking sound bathing up a few notches: A. By incorporating water, but
B. By no sound therapist, but just two speakers. One on each side of your head.
– But you have created the sound therapy that’s going to come out of these speakers.
– Yes. I have created a sound bathing experience for you. You’ve never heard
this before, but I took a lot of time putting something together that is
personalized for you. This is a “For Link Neal” sound bath. Now, this is
designed to calm you down, to bring you to a place of peace. Okay? So anytime
that you’re feelin’ overwhelmed, on edge, you can just come here or maybe just put
on some headphones, and enjoy the sound bath experience that I’ve created for you.
– I’m excited. Or should I say relaxed? – Well you can be relaxed at the end. Just settle in.
– Okay. ♪ (gong-like background music) ♪
(Rhett’s voice) – Hello, Link. – Welcome to your (very loud voice)
SOOUUNDD BAATTHHHH (repeating loudly x 5) SOUUNDD BATTHH (Rhett panting noises in background)
– Breathe more slowly… (Rhett breathing noises in background)
– Mooorrre slowly… (Rhett panting like a dog noises)
(whispers) Sound bath… – (quietly) Now stop breathing.
Yes. That’s perfect. (whispers) SOOUNNDD BATTHHH (peanut butter eating noises in background)
– Peanut butter. Peanut butter. Peanut peanut peanut peanut peanut Peanut Butterrr.
Peanut butter. Peanut butter. – I like that.
(slurping liquid noises in background) – Frosted…frosted…Frosted Mini Wheats.
(whispers) SOUUUNDD BATTHH Frosted frosted mini wheats….yumm… (angelic harmony plays suddenly)
Link. Don’t think. Don’t stink. Don’t wink. Just (two Rhetts at once) LINK!
(Rhett repeating “Ohmmm” in background) (dolphin noises)
– Dolphins! (alternating) SHHHHHH. (whisper) shush
SHHHHHH, shush, be quiet… (running water sound, supposed
to sound like Rhett peeing) – (laughing) Are you peeing? (shouting line from Lion King)
– Ahhh! Zabenyaaa! (in background, Rhett gurgling liquid
at the same time as bird noises play) (gurgling stops suddenly, bird noises continue)
(content sigh after spitting out liquid) (sound stops abruptly)
– Why you gotta pee in my sound bath? – It’s one of the most relaxing sounds.
– (laughs) If you’re doin’ it. – No, no, no. You’re supposed to…
– It was like you were peeing in my left ear. – You’re not supposed to think about me
peeing, you’re supposed to think about you peeing. That’s you peeing.
– Oh, oh, okay. – It was me actually peeing, but, it
should be YOU peeing, for you. Not me peeing for you to pee.
– Um. Wow. – Are you, are you relaxed?
– I mean, it was very immersive, like there was like dolphins over here…
– Mhmm. – …and then there was like gurgling over
here, and there was like… – And some of your favorite things!
Peanut butter and frosted mini wheats, I mean I ate like four or five LARGE
tablespoons of peanut butter, late at night…
– There was a point where you like led me on some breathing exercises…
– Did some panting. – …yeah, and there was like a dog panting
in my right ear. – That was me panting.
– (laughs) Okay, and then at a certain point you were like, “Stop breathing.”
– Yeah. Did you stop at that point? – I held my breath. That was cool, but
at a certain point I had to start breathing again. You didn’t tell me to do that.
I would recommend a verbal cue, like, “Okay, start breathing again.”
– Okay. Noted. – Just for safety reasons. Now that I know
what to expect, when I experience it again I think it can take me somewhere…deeper.
– Okay. – ‘Cause it was like, everything was a new experience…
– It was so new. So new. It was overwhelming. – You’ll probably find me listening to it secretly.
– I….well I hope I will. – Like, if I need to pee, like I’ll probably
play that part of it. – Do you feel like you’ve been
healed at all? A little bit? – Oh, I don’t think nothing’s ailin’ me, so.
– Okay. Alright. – I have one for you too.
– Oh? – It’s a little different. We’re not gonna
drain this, you’re just gonna have to, uh, I’m gonna get out first.
– Yeah. Switcharoo. – And then you’re gonna get in. – Okay, Rhett. Now it’s your turn to experience
the sound bath that I’ve created for you. – The water, the water could be a little
bit warmer in here. You coulda peed in it. – Yeah.
– Probably woulda helped. – (laughs) Well, I almost did halfway through
that thing. Okay, so here’s what I’ve done. I’ve gone in a totally different direction here…
– Okay. – …I wanted to get a little experimental
with this thing. Instead of relaxing you I have created an immersive, psychic,
sound bath experience to pump you up. Kinda like a pre-game ritual where you
listen to something that’s really gonna get you goin’. Like you’re gonna kick
field goals or somethin’… – Yeah, ’cause all those field goals I kick.
– (laughs) So, I’ve given you the life version of that. Where it’s like, this sound bath is going
to PUMP you up. You know… – Like an every morning kind of thing.
– Yeah, it’s like, you’re gonna be fired out of an audio cannon!
– Okay. – Alright?
– I can get into that. (sound bath starts, rock music plays)
(loud karate noises in background) HUAH HUAH HAH HUAH HUAH HAH (in background)
– Are you ready to take a bath in the sound of INSPIRATION?
(HUAH HAH continues in background) Breathe in through your left nostril and out
through your right nostril at the same time! That’s it.
(deep loud voice) THAT’S IT RHETT. What time is it?
(deep loud voice) THIS IS YOUR TIME. What day is it?
(deep loud voice) THIS IS YOUR DAY. (thunderstorm noises in background)
Can’t nobody rain on YOUR charade. Go get ’em tiger! Pounce on life! (Link making
tiger noises at same time as real roar) (drum beats play in
background rhythmically) Three, two, one! POW! You’re an endangered
tiger, the last of your breed! (Link roaring) When you die (Link roars) doe-eyed
children will weep! (screaming, crying noises) Scientific researchers will abandon their
studies! (screaming, roaring, hissing noises) (deep loud voice) GIVE ME AN R, GIVE ME
AN H, GIMME AN E, GIMME A T! (creepy far away voice)
R-H-E-T! (voice gets higher pitched) R-H-E-T! (even higher pitched now)
R-H-E-T! R-H-E-T! (Link screaming) (voice is extremely high pitched) R-H-E-T!
R-H-E-T! (loud, high hawk call, Link screaming) (deep loud voice, Link still screaming in background)
IMAGINE BLEEDING FROM YOUR EYESOCKETS. (Link screams in high-pitched voice)
– Ahh! I’m bleeding from my (voice gets very deep) EYESOCKETS!
(deep loud voice) Channel that pain. (two deep loud voices in tandem)
CAN’T LOSE! EAT LIGHTNING AND CRAP THUNDER! (bees buzzing in background)
Become the bees! Let the bees take you awaaayyyyyy! (voice gradually turns very high pitched)
(bees continue buzzing and gradually stop) – That’s it, Rhett. You’re SUPER. – Is it safe to come up now?
– (laughter) You can come out of the psychic sound bath experience that I just
doused you with. – Wow, I don’t think I could handle it every morning.
I’m, I don’t feel pumped, I feel, I feel a little uneasy.
– (laughs) – Hold on, but, also…you know how to
spell my name? – Yeah, yeah. There’s two T’s at the end.
– Yeah, what happened to the second T? I was really into that I was like, “R-H-E-T”
and then it started over again. (crew laughing in background)
– Right it’s ’cause it left you wanting MORE… – What am I wanting?
– …from LIFE. – About getting the second T or what?
– You gotta go out into life and find your other T. – Tell me about the bees.
– Well, there was tigers… – Yeah.
– …and you were a tiger, and you were an endangered tiger…
– That was killed. – …right, that when you die, researchers
will just abandon their studies ’cause there’s nothing else like you.
– You also said a couple of things that I think were kind of, a little bit of a
change on the normal way things are said. You said, “Don’t let anyone rain on your charade.”
(crew laughing in background) – Right. You be YOU, man. You do YOU.
And you are the… – My life is a charade.
– …you are the unburnt, you are the mother of dragons… – Yeah, I heard that.
– …I took something from the, what’s that football television show we used to watch?
– Friday Night Lights. You got that wrong, too. – But I…but it’s in there. Inspirational.
– Yeah I think it was, “Full hearts… – Closed eyes, can’t lose.
– …clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose” is what I think it is. – Right. And then you eat lightning and crap thunder.
– Well, that makes sense to me. – That’s from Rocky.
– That really is a line? – Oh yeah. I haven’t seen Rocky but I
googled “Awesome lines to pump people up” – Well, I can’t make the same promise to
you that I’ll listen to this again, but I really appreciate the effort.
– You’re bleeding from your eyesockets. – I remember that now, too. I had already
forgotten that. – If you start your day bleeding from your
eyesockets, it’s only uphill from there. You know? It just puts everything in perspective.
– But there was a lot of sound and I do think it was definitely an experience.
– There was sound. That’s the best compliment I can get.
– And I am in a bath. Or at least a horse trough. – Let’s put our shirts back on.
– Your shirt is on. (everyone laughs)
– It’s true. – I’ll put mine on. – Wow, that was fun!
– Well, that’s one way of describing it. – I want you guys to be able to experience
the sound baths the way that we just did, so what we’ve done is we have uploaded
our sound baths to our SoundCloud account. – And now you can download them from there!
– Yeah. It’s SoundCloud.com/RhettAndLinkMusic that’s where we’ve been uploading instrumental
versions of our songs over the past couple of years. You may not have even
known about it! So, get some instrumental music, also get each of our sound baths…
– Yeah! Have the sound bath and uh, no bath required. Let us know what you
think about that experience. – Totally free!
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– Ahhh! Click through to Good Mythical More, I’m going to introduce you to the most
famous location of a sound bath, that is the Integratron…
– Oohh. – This thing is amazing, we have some
amazing footage, too. -Rhett sold Link’s cow for a magic bean. -Uhhh, excuse me, I need to go check on
my cow, I left it outside. – Oh, that cow? That was yours?
– What, what do you mean, that cow? It was kind of a surprise that I even had a cow.
– Well yeah… – I was gonna say, “Hey look! I got a cow, Rhett!”
– Yeah but I, I sold it. (inhales) I found a guy with a magic bean and uh,
you know how much I like beans. – Well, lemme see the bean.
– Oh, I ate it. I like beans.