Terrorism Test on Homeless for Money! SHOCKING EXPERIMENT by Funk You

Do you want to earn money? yes You’ll get 1lakh rupees (1,00,000 rupees) 1 lakh? yes you just have to do a small work for me If you do it, i’ll give you rupees 1 lakh (1,00,000 rupees) Just hold this bag There’s a bomb in it bomb? yes how much do you want? I’ll give you advance now Do you want to earn some money bro? yes! would you do a small work for me? what’s the work? It’s just a small work.. don’t just ask what’s in this. Just keep this thing, near the Bus Stop I won’t do this kind of work bro You’ll get a lot of money whatever it may be do you like this? Do you like living on the streets? It’s better on the streets I’ll give you so much money, that you’ll buy a better home for you! I don’t want it. It’s better to live on the streets! I won’t do such a crap work you only do it then.. I don’t want 4,000 rupees & not even 5,000 rupees I’ll give you more. I’ll give 1lakh (1,00,000 rupees) I don’t want 1 lakh as well! I’ll see what’s in it, only then i’ll keep it. I won’t keep it without seeing what’s in it You’ll get the money Money is everywhere bro.. In my life.. I’ve seen a lot of money and now my life is a waste and now i have food problems and a very less salary I don’t care about the money What’s in it?.. I’ll see it, only then i’ll keep it whether it’s a bomb or anything else, i’ll keep it whether it’s a bomb or anything else, i’ll keep it There’s a bomb in it It’s a bomb It’s a bomb? Why do you want to keep it at this bus stop? What will happen? What happens when we plant a bomb? It will explode yes What will happen if you keep it here? There are many people here.. many will die I don’t do these kind of work man. why? You don’t want to earn money? I don’t want this money. I’ll work hard and i’ll earn my money. I don’t want this type of quick money Killing someone in order to earn money, is not what my parents have taught me What has this country given to you? It has given me Nothing It has given only poverty Will you do a work for me? what? do you see this? yaa There is a thing in this bag which thing? whatever it may be.. just keep it near the bus-stop where should I keep it? I’ll give you a lot of money I don’t want it what? I don’t want it why? Then why don’t you keep it yourself why are you giving it to me.. you keep it by yourself I’ll give you the money.. you just go and keep it no i don’t want the money you don’t want to get rich? no I don’t want to get rich I have my small business and i am happy with it I don’t even know what is in it. What if I keep it there and someone watches me and what if i get caught up? So you don’t want to get rich I think Are you happy with the government then? Yes I am happy. I am getting food and water to live uncle.. do you want to earn some money? There’s a bomb in this bag.. you just have to keep it near the college gate Did you have some food?.. would you eat something? yes Will you do my work? I’ll give you money how much? I’ll give you 2 lakh rupees (Rs. 2,00,000). Will you do it? Yes i’ll do it It’s a small work. Just take this bag and keep it beneath the car OK Just don’t ask me what’s in it Ok so you’ll keep it? yes i’ll keep it ok go. Do you know that the bag which you kept there, could have a bomb kept within it So you just kept it without even thinking over it, just after a stranger said you to do so? My family needs something.. I haven’t had food since last 4 days, so I just kept it. See I understand that you are poor, you need to send money for your family at your home.. so this doesn’t mean that you just do anything that anyone tells you to do no I wouldn’t do it do you know how many people could die if..? Yes you are saying right ..if there would have been a bomb in it.. you are getting me? yes! If many people would die because of the bomb because of you, would you like it? No i wouldn’t like it, but i am helpless, i don’t have food If you work hard, you can earn money there’s no need for a short-cut like this in life yes you are speaking the truth brother. I will work hard So just take care from next time, that if a stranger comes to you and gives you a greed of money in such a way, just don’t do it no i won’t do it either you can just gather the people around you.. Yes.. or else i’ll call the police ..yes or just call the police.. ok? and never do anything like this again no no i’ll never do it