The Best Cheap Deli in NYC || 5 Buck Lunch

– My name is Prez, and I work at Thrillist. Around these parts, I’m known
as the $5 Lunch Guy. Every episode, I’m gonna put you guys onto the very finest New York
grub for $5 or less. Huh. Delis: that’s actually
not a bad suggestion. “Operation 5 Buck Lunch”: Delis is a go, and I know just where to go. Yeah, I read the comments. Yo, delis. The backbone of cheap eats in the city. Whether you’re ordering a wrap or a hero or some custom sandwich, a
proper deli takes the time to pay attention to the details, because unlike any other
establishment in the city, the popularity of a deli
is by word of mouth only, with only the best being
able to survive in the city. Now, today, we’re heading
to M&O Market & Deli in the middle of SoHo, a mom-and-pop joint serving up party sandwiches in the middle of one of the most
expensive areas in the city. Let’s go. So these are the rules of
“Operation 5 Buck Lunch.” It’s gotta be good, ’cause
nobody wants bad food for lunch. No big chains, ’cause
that’s just too easy. It’s gotta be $5 or less, and whatever I don’t use today rolls over into the next episode. (upbeat hip-hop music) How would you characterize
a deli or a bodega? – I guess like a small
restaurant on the corner that sells, you know, sandwiches
and — I don’t know — drinks. – A place where you can
get amazing sandwiches. – Oh, they have everything. Aside from what they
sell, they have culture. When you go to the bodega, you
know you’re gonna get music, it’s gonna be everybody
hanging out in there. – So, have you ever had a BLT? – I honestly don’t think I have. It’s such a weird sandwich to me. – Really? – What do you like to put on your BLTs? – Very crispy bacon. – I mean, bacon’s one
of the best foods ever. – The mayonnaise. – The mayonnaise, really? Why is that? – Tastes real good. I like it sloppy. (camera shutter clicking) – Some people like it for the bacon. Other people like it for the mayonnaise. But regardless, it’s a New York staple, and we’re about to go to one
of the best places to get one. I’m pumped. Fun fact: SoHo is one of the
central districts in New York and one of the main
shopping areas in the city. Also, it’s home to the
likes of Alicia Keys, Samuel L. Jackson, Lenny
Kravitz, and Justin Timberlake. I am starving. Let’s go. Also, it’s raining. (upbeat music) (camera shutter clicking) Here we are, M&O’s Market & Deli. Even from the outside, it
looks like a mom-and-pop joint. Before all of these corporate chains started building their
delis on every single block — you know who I’m talking about — this is what a deli used to look like. And also, they have my sandwich. And I’m starving, so let’s go. (upbeat music) So, is this your first time here? – No, I come here all the time. – What do you normally get? – I get everything. They make a different kind
of fresh meat every day, so, like, pork loin, turkey,
meatloaf — it’s all awesome. – What do you feel is the
most important part of a BLT? – The bacon. It’s gotta be crispy. – Definitely the bacon. – The bacon?
– Yeah. – Yo, guys, serious, this is not a joke. Look at that. Best BLT in Manhattan. Beautiful. So you’re supposed to
pick out your own bread, which I think is a genius idea. Of course you have all of the classics: the bagel, the hero, you
have this multigrain bread. But my favorite, and what
I think I’m gonna go for, is the roll, and this guy
looks like the winner. Let’s do it. I think I’m gonna go with your famous BLT. – Yeah, you gotta have the BLT sauce. – That’s what makes it famous.
– BLT sauce? – Yeah. – Oh, there we go, BLT sauce. That’s the one. I’ve heard that you can come
into any deli or bodega, and with all of the
ingredients that they have, if you put them in different combinations, you’d probably eat a different sandwich every day of the week for a year. – [Male] BLT. – [Prez] Thank you so much, appreciate it. – Have a good day. – Hello. BLT on a roll. – $5.70. – Thank you so much. ‘Ppreciate it. Thank you so much, ‘ppreciate it. I am excited. Ah, it smells amazing. Let’s go eat it. I mean, it’s been a while
since we’ve been outside and ate with you guys in the rain. Look at the stuff that
we do for you guys, man. Definitely not warm today, but here we go. Look at this beauty. (camera shutter clicking) Ain’t it beautiful? So in terms of the
ingredients, this is a BLT on a white roll with
lettuce, tomato, and bacon with their world-famous BLT sauce. What’s in that BLT sauce? No one will tell me, so I guess we’re gonna have to
figure it out for ourselves. Mmm, mmm. First thing I get is the crunch
and the taste of the bacon. The next thing I’m getting
huge chunks of lettuce with a crunch and then the
tomato, which adds body. The best part of this whole
thing is this BLT sauce. It seems to be like an aioli of some kind. This is the best BLT I’ve ever had. Holy crap. It’s the sauce. Usually, when I have a
BLT on regular bread, the lettuce and the tomato
soak into the bread, and it kinda starts falling
apart about halfway through. The fact that this bread is baked, it stays together, and it adds that crunch, and it really, really kinda takes this to the next level for me. Listen, we spoke to the people inside, and they cosign this
place and for good reason. I’m jealous of them, that
they live this close, that they can have one
of the best sandwiches I’ve ever had in my
life on a regular basis for, what, $5.70? That’s brilliant. Mmm, wow. I love you, roll. You even get a salad with
your sandwich, you know? And a fresh salad at that. If this were any other BLT,
I probably would’ve said the bacon would be the best
part, but this is not that, and this is the best BLT, so this is the BLT sauce
we’re talking about here. BLT sauce, No. 1
in terms of ingredients on a BLT for me. (people speaking in background) I’m gonna go back inside and get napkins. Today’s mission was delis,
which was suggested by you, my people. This is why you should
hit me up in the comments, because I take your advice and
I listen to you guys, right? Everybody that we spoke to has
their own favorite sandwich, but no matter what sandwich you love, you should always support your local deli. It’s the right thing to do. Today’s mission was an absolute success. I had the most amazing BLT
I’ve ever had in my life. We used a little rollover change, it’s not a big chain,
and most importantly, it’s damn good. Thank you for watching,
but I gotta head back now. I’ll see you later — peace. (camera shutter clicking) Thank you so much for watching. If you have any suggestions of
where we should go next time, leave them in the comments below. Also, what is the weirdest thing you’ve ever put on your sandwich? Do that. You should hit us up on
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