The FLASH x Tom Z: Showing our Music Maker Jam collab (project downloadable for import)

These are the vocals from the “Forever Mine” jam pack on Music Maker Jam The pack is on sale right now (reduced from 330 to 210 Beatcoins) These are the chord changes that I constructed … … in order to build a nice melody I emailed it to my friend “The Flash” The Music Maker Jam project file went back and forth many times for this collaboration This is the resulting remix from Music Maker Jam The “Carribean Club” pack provides … … the backbone of our arrangement. The Latin feel is infused by … … “Acoustic Funk” from the “Rock Pop”pack and … … the “Rhythm”guitar from the “Flamenco” pack Stripping it down before the grand finale. Next: How to download this collaboration project and import it into your Music Maker Jam For the Import to work you need the following jam packs. “Bossa Nova, Caribbean Club, Detroit Techno, EDM, Electrified Guitars, Flamenco, …” “Forever Mine, Rock Pop, String Theory 01, Tropical House, True to the Night” The link in the description below leads you to this page. Click on “continue to website”. Select the project you want (in this case “The Flash Tom Z Collab”). Press “download”. On Music Maker Jam’s HOME screen, go to the app settings (gear symbol in the top right corner). Select “Import project”. Once you tap on the project, import will start. If you don’t own all packs, you’ll see a list of packs you need to purchase. If you own all packs that are in it, the project will import and open. Have fun and don’t forget to press like and subscribe!