The Funky Chicken

(Catharine Carbullido-White) [Laughs] And I did read that if you feed them, like, red and orange flower petals that it helps make their yolk a little more
orange…er? Orangey-er? I don’t, I don’t know that that means any healthier. Omega-3s
are healthy. I don’t know what color omega-3s are, though. [Laughing] [Quirky music] (Catharine Carbullido-White) So, I was actually born an Army brat in Germany. My dad’s the one who’s from Guam. When we started school, he decided instead of moving us around the world he got out,
and we all moved back to where he’s from, and we stayed with my grandparents. But as little as I was, like, I still thought Germany was home. I thought we were just there on vacation — a really, really long vacation. So, as I grew older and, um, you know, thinking about what to do with my life, I decided to join the military, and, you
know what, I’m gonna move myself back to Germany. [Laughs] I eventually did. [Quirky music] [Upbeat music] (Catharine Carbullido-White) Like, my grandparents had chickens, my dad had chickens, you know, and it was just…
normal. It was, like, normal to have your food running around the yard. I couldn’t
decide which breed of chicken I wanted to get eight of. So, I was, like, why not one of each? [Laughing] So, I have one from Oklahoma, from California, Louisiana. I drove up as far
as New York. I had someone meet me in DC from North Carolina for another one. I
spent a lot of time with both of my grandparents. Every summer my cousins
from around the island would get dropped off at my grandma’s house, and we just
played all day outside. Maybe that’s why I like to garden and have chickens. And I’m allergic to the world. I’m allergic to every tree, grass, and weed a human being can be allergic to…and cats. [Laughs] So sometimes, especially in the spring and in the fall,
I would…I can only spend like, maybe an hour out at the garden. My face is all
swollen. I can’t breathe. I’m itchy everywhere. I still garden. And then
things grow and live, and I’m, like, “Yeah I did that.” [Laughs] Things in pots don’t usually live with me. They have to be outside where Mother Nature can help me. [Laughs] Me on my own can’t keep a plant alive. [Laughs] Me and Mother Nature, now, yeah. Yeah, we can tag-team this. [Laughs]